Child Care Assistants

Miranda DuVal - 8th hour

Career Overview

You will plan and guide preschool aged children in developmentally appropriate activities. You will usually care for children under the age of 5.

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What You Need To Succeed!

Some classes you would need to take in high school are Family and Consumer Science, Health and Fitness, and Child and Parent Development. As far as college, you would need a Diploma/Certificate.

Cost of Eductaion and Living

For Moraine Park Technical College the grand total would be $29,864.

Tuition- $17,002

Book Fees- $316

House/food- $11,320

Other Fees- $3,581

Most people would have to apply for financial aid, loans or scholarships. Part time jobs would also help with the cost for any expenses.

Associations/Professional Organizations

Pros and Cons

Pros- Get to be with kids, Makes good money, A lot of job openings

Cons- Not a lot of opening in Wisconsin, Having kids with bad behaviors


Do you love kids? Then becoming a Child Care Assistance would be a awesome job for you. You would get to take care of kids and interact with their parent/s and get to even help out teachers at times. If you wanted to go to college all you would need to graduate with is a diploma or certificate for child care. This job pays 16,150 to 28,070 depending on where you work and how much you will be working. This can be a part time job or full time depending on what you are looking for. Hope you become one and have an amazing time with the loving children.