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Volume 1 Issue 3 September 7, 2020

Choose to be GREAT Focus of the Week- Respectful

This week we are looking deeper into the RESPECTFUL aspect of Choose to be Great. Please be sure to reinforce this at home over the next week. Remember to show respect, our students should treat others the way they want to be treated, show kindness and consideration to everyone, and accept others for who they are. It is our goal to make sure Reagan County Middle School is a safe, inviting place for everyone. Below are some talking points! Thanks for helping out!
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This week in sports

The RCMS Volleyball teams had their first games of the season versus Crane. All 4 teams fought hard, unfortunately, we came up short in both 8th-grade games and the 7B game. The 7th Grade "A" team came out victorious in a come from behind 3 set win! Congratulations 7A and GREAT job to all for representing Reagan County well!

Attention Remote Learners

Your child is required to submit work EVERY DAY for EVERY class. If they do not, they are being counted absent and are not getting credit for their courses. This could result in their retention in their current grade-level for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Volleyball Schedule

Football Schedule

Cross Country Schedule

September 7th is Labor Day- No School

September 11th is the end of the 3 week grading period

Principal's Page

Parents, thank you for all of your support during the start of the school year. We are off to a very smooth, fantastic start. As we continue into the school year, it becomes more and more important to stay on top of weekly assignments and your child's grades. We want our students to all be as successful as possible, and this takes a team effort from all of us!

Counselor's Corner

10 Keys to Middle School Success

#1 Be true to yourself. The pressure to conform, or to be like everyone else, grows as you become a teenager. Don’t let peer pressure dictate who you are or what you want to achieve.

#2 Eat right. Healthy and balanced meals give your body and mind energy to work well throughout the day. Take extra time and effort to make sure you’re not only eating enough but eating a mix of everything you need.

#3 Do your homework. Making it a habit to do your homework each night will help you practice skills and be ready for the quizzes and tests. It also helps to show your teacher that you care.

#4 Pay attention in class. Focusing and using class time wisely is one of the best ways to get ahead in middle school. Since you’ll be switching around from class to class, it’s important to pay attention and follow along for every minute that you can.

#5 Get involved. Research shows that school involvement can be a big determining factor for your success. Students who are involved with after school activities, sports, fine arts, and clubs are more likely to do well inside and outside of school.

#6 Think positive. Things are going to get tough and overwhelming at times. It’s important to stay positive and know that you can do whatever you put your mind to doing.

#7 Ask for help. Whether it is academic, social, or emotional help, there are adults at the school ready and willing to help you. Seek out and ask for help when you feel you might need it.

#8 Stay organized. A little organization goes a long way in middle school. Writing down homework in a consistent place and keeping pages organized in the right spots will help you study, turn in work, and do better on tests and quizzes.

#9 Make goals. Give yourself something that you want to attain by the end of each six weeks. Then, make a plan and stick with it to get there.

#10 Sleep well. Teens and young adults should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night. Enough sleep is critical for your body and brain to function well.