Solar Nebula Theory

Dalton Rayner=-=-=Vandiver=-=-=4th hour Natural Science

What is it?

The Solar Nebula Theory is the theory put on our solar system. It is also widely known as the Nebular Hypothesis. Now it is used through out the universe for formations of planets and Solar systems alike.

What does it state...

This hypothesis states the creation of our Solar system was made from a collection of dust clouds and gasses. Soon the dust clouds came together and the "Big Bang" happened. Our planets formed at the same time about 4.5 Billion years ago with the nebula.

Who developed it?

Emanuel Swedenborg- Emanuel was a deeply christian man who created the theory. He was mostly known for the book he wrote call Hell and the Afterlife. He born in 1688 and died in 1772.

When it was developed

The Solar Nebula theory was developed in 1734.