The Waglers and one Jones!

Brylee Wagler

My family would be a blended family! But we all act like a nuclear family! Only because we were blended when we were very young. The members in my family are! John wagler he's my father! Misty wagler she's my mother! Tasha is my oldest sibling she's responsible, she takes charge and she's caring, smart and sometimes aggressive! Justin is my 2nd oldest sibling he's caring, he will drop stuff he's doing to help you out! He's one of my mentors! My 3rd&4th oldest siblings are twins! They are the most difficult to pin down! But the most caring to each other! The 5th oldest sibling is my brother drew! He's outgoing! He's understanding! Then there is me! The spoiled, runt of the family!

We all call each other brother and sister not half nor step! We feel more than half. The five functions of family are meeting physical needs, promoting intellectual development, meeting emotional needs, encouraging social skills, and installing moral values! My family meets all these functions, for example: we always interact with one another, we all care about each other, when we are all together we are usually outside playing some type of sport. If we ever need help with anything we always turned to eachother, if one of us is down we fix it real fast! I always have a smile on my face with this big ole family! We encourage eachother! We motivate one another...etc