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The Nazi's are coming!!!!

Side Note

Holocaust means sacrificial offering that is completely burned.The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to kill all Jews as part of his aim to conquer the world. By the end of the war, the Nazis had killed 6 million Jewish men, women, and children

Before the Holocaust

In the 1800's, many people began to hate against Jews on racial rather than religious grounds.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, became the head of Germany's government in 1933.Than, he quickly became a dictator.The Nazi persecution reached a new start on Nov. 9, 1938. Beginning that night and continuing for about 24 hours, Nazis destroyed Jewish-owned businesses.On April 1, 1933, Hitler's government sponsored a boycott of Jewish stores and other businesses. In the next several months, the government passed Some laws that barred Jews from specific occupations. Jews were excluded from civil service, and from the fields of education and culture, and they could no longer farm the land.The next three years, the Nazi government continued to deprive Jews of their rights and possessions. Jews couldn't sit on park benches or swim in public pools.

During the Holocaust

The first concentration camps was organized in 1933, shortly after Hitler got power. By the late 1930's, the facilities held tens of thousands prisoners were arrested by the Nazis. In the early 1940's, several new camps were established, with specially constructed gas chambers disguised as shower.When the Jews arrived at a camp.The others were sent directly to the gas chambers. The guards seized the belongings of those who were going to die. As many as 2,000 prisoners were sent into the gas chambers at one time. SS personnel poured containers of poison gas down an opening. Within 20 to 30 minutes, the new arrivals were dead. The guards shaved the heads of the corpses and removed any gold teeth from their mouths. Then they burned the bodies in crematoriums or open pits.During the Holocaust, the Nazis kept their actions as secret as possible, and they deceived their victims in many ways to prevent resistance. Initially, the Jews in the ghettos either were not aware of them getting killed planned for them or simply could not believe it was happening. Some tried to pacify the Nazis, hoping they would be left in peace. Others tried escape.Armed resistance was not the first response of the Jews. They tried to force them to not be Jewish in nonviolent means. Also, it was difficult and dangerous for the Jews to obtain weapons. Little help was available to them. Anti-Semitism was widespread, and Jewish resistance did not have support. Jewish fighters could not disappear among the population because non-Jews might betray them. Jewish leaders in the ghettos knew that the Nazis could kill everyone in the ghetto.But many Jews who managed to escape the ghettos joined secret bands of fighters against the Nazis. And some non-Jewish individuals risked their lives to smuggle Jews to safety.Some Jews in ghettos, slave labor camps, and death camps did fight. In 1943, thousands of Jews revolted in the ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. Although the Jews were surrounded and poorly armed, they held out for about four weeks. But the Nazis either killed or were sent to death camps sent to death camps all of the 60,000 Jews in the ghetto.

After the Holocaust

As the Allies went through Europe in 1944 and 1945, they found millions of people in the wrong place living in countries that are not their own. Most of the people, including Jews, eventually returned to their homelands. However, many Jews had nowhere to go. Their homes were destroyed, and their families were murdered. The presence of so many Jews on German soil, living close to the people that killed them, pressured world leaders to find a place where the Jews could go. The Jews themselves wanted an independent Jewish state in Palestine, the Jewish homeland in the Middle East.The Nazi leaders were charged with four major types of crimes,conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Conspiracy to commit crimes against peace included the planning of a war of aggression. Crimes against peace included carrying out wars. War crimes included the murder of prisoners, and of civilians, and the destruction of towns and cities. Crimes against humanity included deporting civilians and using them for slave labor as well as persecuting and murdering people for their beliefs, race, or religion