Moebius Syndrome

A Rare Neurological Disease

Moebius Syndrome - Rare neurological disease causing paralysis of multiple cranial nerves.

Moebius Syndrome is caused by palsy in the 6th and 7th facial nerves. Moebius affects the facial area. Moebius only affects the 7th nerve when contracted from birth. The syndrome also affects the chest.
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Symptoms include:

1. Facial paralysis

2. Paralysis of lateral movement of the eyes

3. Crossed eyes

4. Drooling ( in infants )

5. Mask like expressions

Effects on the body

People with Moebius can have malformed tongues and small jaws. Prone to ear infection, an increase in cavities and dental abnormalities. Skeletal malformations, including clubbed feet and absence of fingers. It is a genetic mutation.
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How is the disorder inheirited?

Moebius syndrome is what is called multifactorial, many factors play in the contraction of the syndrome. Moebius syndrome is contracted through genetic and environmental factors. It is not sex linked, it is a dominant trait.
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How is the disease treated?

Moebius is treated for specific individuals, facial muscles are sometimes replaced to combat the paralysis. No gene therapy.

How is Moebius diagnosed?

There are no tests for Moebius. Doctors use symptoms and characteristics of Moebius to determine if the patent has it. Genetic counseling has proven beneficial for Moebius patients.
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Who has Moebius?

Moebius is estimated to be present in 1 out of every 50,000 live births in the United States. Moebius is not gender linked, males and females are equally affected. There are no racial or ethnic preferences for Moebius, it is prevalent at birth.
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What I Discovered...

Moebius is a rare disorder in which paralysis is present. It affects more people than I would have thought and it is contracted from birth if you have it.
My Moebius Syndrome Story
Moebius Syndrome