Types of mining and Fracking

Dangers ?

Differences in surface and subsurface mining

Differences: surface creates more damage than subsurface mining.

Subsurface mining does not cause as much widespread damage to ecosystems as surface mining.

Examples of surface mining: strip mining, open pit mining, and mountain top removal.

Examples of subsurface mining: slope, drift, and shaft mining.

Surface mining effects: habitat destruction, soil erosion.

Strip mining: type of surface mining involves the removal of a thin layer of material known as overburden.

Open pit mining: surface mining technique of extracting rock/minerals from the earth.

Mountain top removal: form of surface mining that involves the mining of the summit ridge of a mountain.

Subsurface mining effects: drainage of water

Slope mining: method of accessing valuable geological material, such as coal or ore.

Drift mining: mining of an ore deposit or working of coal seams.

Shaft mining: method of excavating a vertical or or near-vertical tunnel from the top down.

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