Three Times Lucky

Book by Sheila Turnage. Flyer by Miles Marion

This story is told in 1 person.

Summary of Three Times Lucky

In this book the main character and the narrator is a eleven year old Moses (Mo for short) Lobeau. Mo's birth was a mystery. When she was little a hurricane came and a man named The Colonel Found a baby strapped to a billboard that was floating down a river.The Colonel saved her.The colonel named her Moses and Mo hopes she will oneday find her "Upstream mother."Although she misses knowing who her real mother is and continues searching for her. Mo considers herself lucky to have been rescued and to be living with the colonel and Miss Lana.

Theme of Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky is not only funny at parts but it can also be serious in places too.

It has some joking parts and some parts that you can kind relate too.