Personal Chef

Angela Baldo


You have to buy the food, design creative meal plans, storing foods, keeping up-to-date on culinary trends or techniques, and maintaining good customer relations.

You also have to understand nutritional needs and maintaining safe food-handling skills.

Skills needed for personal chefs

Good communication skills and having a great personality are key skills for this job.

Being creative, passionate, having attention to details, and being a team player.

Training or education required

Minimum job experiences are having three years as an entry level culinary plus one year as a full time personal chef.

Minimum education is high school diploma or a GED plus 50 hours of continuing education. If you don't have a high school diploma or GED you have to have 150 hours of continuing education are required.

The working enviroment

Wherever the client wants you to be that's where you work.

Although most personal chefs have more than one client at the same time.


As of January 2016 personal chefs make $24.97 an hour and $62,190 a year.