September 2015

Welcome Back Parents and Students!

Welcome back to our 5th year of After School Programming at Pine Lake Preparatory! We are so happy that you have decided to have your child join us in After3@PLP! We have been working hard to offer your child new and exciting after school programming. We have been tinkering with our schedule since the children have returned, and I am happy to report that we are setting into a routine.

The children are reporting to their After3 classrooms by ALL CALL. This gives them an opportunity during dismissal to read, finish classwork or play games quietly in their rooms. This is also a good time for the children to change for an Enrichment class or to eat an extra snack they bring from home.

We provide snack to the children when they come to our program, but sometimes they are just FAMISHED! If you would like, you can include an extra snack for your child to enjoy during dismissal.

Themes for September (Kindergarten-Third Grade)

Hereoes in Our Community (Fire, Police, EMS)

Fruits and Veggies! (Johnny Appleseed, James and the Giant Peach)

Little Chef's (Ratatoullie)

Heroes and Villians

Daily Schedule (ALL GRADES)

General Schedule (Flexible!)

3:00PM: Report to After3@PLP classrooms (Snack)

3:30PM: 4th-8th Go Outside. Because of the laptops in the MS, we ask the MS students to keep their bags in their classroom.

3:30PM: K-3 Work on Homework, K/1 Circle time/Reading time.

4:00PM: 4th-8th come back inside to start on Part 2 of homework, K-3 transition outside (with backpacks)

4:30: 4th-8th Student Directed Activity, K-3 Teacher Directed Themed Activty

5:30: Clean Up/Pack Up, Dismissal

Meet the After3@PLP AWESOME Staff!

Our Awesome Front Desk Associates!

Please help me welcome Mrs. Huffstetler (1st grade teacher), Mrs. Cochrane (1st grade teacher), Mrs. Venkus (Kindergarten Associate), Mrs. Rich (Kindergarten Associate) and Mrs. Kolessar (First Grade Associate) to our Front Desk in the afternoons! We are so happy to have them join us AfterSchool, and they are really enjoying seeing and meeting you all! If you are running late, have an alternate pick up or need to contact the school, please call the Lower School Front Desk and speak with one of our associates. 704-237-5312

Enrichments-- Stay After3@PLP!

We are pleased to offer the following Enrichments to enchance the After School Experience!

Enrichments will start the week of September 13th, and will conclude the last week in October. You will receive PRIORITY registration, as well as NO REGISTRATION FEE just by being enrolled in AFTER3.

MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Karate, (Grades K-5) $125.00, S'More Math Please! (Grades 3, 4, 5), $240 (Staggered times for S'More due to grade level)

MONDAY: It's a Girl Thing! (Grades 3-5), $95, AfterSchool PE with Coach D!, (Grades K-5), $85.00

TUESDAY and THURSDAY: S'More Math Please! (Grades 3, 4, 5), $240 (Staggered times due to Grade Level), Run4Fun (Grades 3-5 and 6-8), $85

TUESDAY: Piano (Grades 1-5), $100, American Girl Writing Club (Grades 3-5), $100

WEDNESDAY: No Explorations Offered

THURSDAY: Strings (K-3), $125, Teen Blogs (Grades 6-8) $100, Scrapbooking (Grades 1-5), Lower School Chorus (Grades 3-5) $50

Please follow the link below, and click ENRICHMENTS to register!

Very Important: Tuition and Payments

Tuition is due on the last day of the month for the following month. Our Bank Drafts will be starting soon, the Finance Department is finishing up the process of changing banks. I will provide a timeline shortly with when we can expect the withdraws to be made. In the meantime, please make your August and September payment via ORGSONLINE. For August and September, enter the quantity of "2". This will make you current. The next payment is due on September 30th, for October.

If you are paying via OrgsOnline, select SPECIAL ORDERS. You can pay online at any time by selecting the Quantity you wish to pay for. Your account will not be billed. You need to go in every month to make the payment.

Any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience as we migrate to new systems.

OrgsOnline Payments

For Tuition, please click SPECIAL ORDERS, then select After3@PLP Tuition and Fees) For Enrichments, please click ENRICHMENTS, then select your student and what they are interested in.

Rebecca Stratford

I am so happy to be in my fifth school year with Pine Lake, and third with the AfterSchool Program! I am happy to assist you with anything After3@PLP! We have experienced great growth on our campus, in our school and our AfterSchool Program. I appreciate you taking the journey with us! Please do not hesitate contacting me with any questions, concerns and comments. I can be reached in my office 8am-12pm daily or at the Lower School via Mrs. Thompson (704-237-5312)