Crane: The Story & The Truth

Carl Worthington


1000 Cranes Project

The ancient tradition of folding 1000 cranes is used so that people could recover from sickness and illness. Many friends and relatives help to make this challenging task complete. The 1000 cranes of hope is used for the fight against cancer. The takeda company donates money for every wish entered. It gives people hope when they are ill and something to keep them in good spirits.

Peace Crane

The peace crane project was designed to connect children around the world with art. Sadako Sasaki was the pioneer of recent connection to the 1000 crane idea.

It is believed that if you make 1000 cranes you will be granted a wish from the heavens. It is a international symbol of peace for many people. People continue in her dream by making cranes and writing small inspirational words in them.

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