Tycho Brahe

And his drunken moose


When Tycho was only two his uncle (Jorgen) kidnapped him and raised him, his parents soon accepted the fact. When Tycho was a teenager, he changed his original name (Tyge) to Tycho. Not much later there was a war between Denmark and Sweden, his uncle was considered a war hero because Jorgen captured the swedish naval captain in the O'Land war.

His Achievments

He discovered the first 'Super Nova' called SN 1572, It was the first super nova discovered by Mankind, It waS the first of 8 super novas in history to be seen by the naked eye.

He made the celestial globe, a tool used to show the underside of a sphere if the earth was inside of it.

(on the left) Made the tychonic universe theory. which is that the moon and sun revolve around the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun.

Impact on Today

  • Discovered the supernova
  • His observations on planetary movement helped build our model of the current universe
  • devised the best astronomical instruments at the time


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Interesting facts


The king of denmark said their was a animal faster than a deer, but with smaller horns (it was a reindeer, but all of the king's reindeers had died.) so he sent him a moose. one day Tycho and the moose went to entertain at an aristocrat's party. the moose walked into the celler, got drunk fell down more stairs, broke it's leg and died.

he was sick, he tried to make a medicine and died from mercury poisoning.