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August 17th, 2018

Every child. Every day. Whatever it takes.

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Hello FECC Families!

We have had a WONDERFUL first few days of preschool! Thank you so much for all of your help as we have gotten the year started!

Every year we have issues with parking spaces. Our enrollment has increased over the last few years, but the size of our parking lot has not! We ask parents to park on the side of the building so that you have access to the sidewalk. We've had safety issues in the past with children running out in front of buses. I know that the side parking lot fills up fast and that is frustrating. If you see that it looks full please feel free to park in front, and just hold your child's hand as you walk them across. Also, please keep a good distance away from our buses, refraining from crossing closely in front of them, between them, or closely behind them. We really appreciate your help with that!!

Our teachers set aside these first few weeks of school to build relationships with your children and to teach them procedures, such as how to line up, how to be safe on the playground, and sometimes how to sit and listen to a book or eat family style (lots of passing food, requesting food, etc.). We will dive into academics once we feel that our students feel safe and connected.

I hope that every child had a great first few days and we can't wait to start again next week!! Please make sure to follow FEC Hornets (Facebook won't let me change it to FECC after our name change) for lots of pictures and information about our building, and call or email me with any questions! My information will be at the bottom of every newsletter!


Jen Meyerhoff

Meet our FEC staff!

Our first few FEC newsletters will highlight FEC staff members, to help you get to know all of us! This week meet the early intervention teachers, Ms. Forbis and Mrs. Poss.

Meet Ms. Forbis

Ms. Forbis teaches Early Intervention Preschool. This is her fifth year teaching at FECC. She has lived in Fulton for most of her life and is an FHS graduate. She graduated from UCM in 2013 and Mizzou in 2014. Before coming to FECC Ms. Forbis taught P.E. in Columbia and taught in a private preschool.

Meet Mrs. Poss

Mrs. Poss teaches Early Intervention Preschool. This is her 3rd year teaching preschool at FECC. Before that she taught kindergarten for 9 years, both as TK teacher at FECC, and kindergarten at McIntire. Mrs. Poss is married and has twin boys, Oliver and Bennett, who are in preschool at FECC this year!
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Things to Remember...

Monday, May 27th: Preschool screening day (for students not yet in preschool)

Wednesday, May 29th: Fall Portraits

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day (no school)

Thursday, September 6th: Intruder Drill

Monday, September 10th: Teacher PD Day (no school)

Tuesday, September 11th: FIRST PTO meeting!

Thursday, September 13th: Fire Drill

Thursday, September 20th: Severe Weather Drill

Thursday, September 21st: Earthquake Drill

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What should I do when my preschooler clings on to me when I drop him off at preschool?

Your preschooler’s body is telling you important information about his feelings. Provide empathy for his upset, focus on safety and provide a connection before you leave. Say, “Your body tells me you might be feeling scared about staying at preschool while I go to work. You are safe at preschool. Mrs. Kendall will keep you safe.” Breathe together using an active calming technique like the S.T.A.R.(see below). Establish a connection ritual that you do together every morning at goodbye time. Breathe deeply and assertively state, “I’ll be back after nap time. Mrs. Kendall will keep you safe. You can handle it,” and pass your child off into Mrs. Kendall’s waiting hands. As you leave, envision your child as capable and strong, instead of feeling bad about leaving or upset about the disruption. Turn and walk away, breathing and wishing him well.

It’s also helpful to know that during a certain developmental stage from 18 months to 2 ½ years, leaving Mom is more difficult for your child. If possible, you might ask your significant other to drop the child off.

Dr. Becky Bailey


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About FECC

FECC is the early childhood building for Fulton Public Schools. In our building, we have two Title 1 Preschool Classes, 3 Early Childhood Special Education Classes, FEC Preschool, and Parents as Teachers. We also have a daycare center for teen parents who attend FPS, and FPS staff members.