5 Themes of Austin

by Bennett Folsom

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Austin is in betwwen Waco and San Antonio, it is almost in the center of the map. Austin is also the capitol of Texas. It is the capitol of Texas and is a major hub for all kinds of things.

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Austin citizens are crazy about their UT Football. We are also a very music oriented city, we have many music festivals including ACL, South by Southwest and countless more. This attracts, tourists which then bring in revenue to the city which is one of the reasons we have a very strong economy. We are also home to the UT Longhorns where many students come to get a great education.

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San Antonio is also like Austin, it has hill country and brush. It also has a very large population like Austin.

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We have progressed as a city from dirt roads and wooden buildings to now a bustling city as pictured above. We have also progressed as one of the nation's top states to hunt in, this is because of our very well maintained wildlife populations.

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Human Interaction

We have adapted to create a city that is unique, this is because of our diversity, we have been able to make a productive city but also have wildlife when we step out of our office buildings as pictured above.