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August 28, 2017

A message from Mr. Finkle!

Hello there! I hope that everyone is enjoying their last couple of weeks before school begins. The weather seems more like early fall; however, still sunny and wonderful. Before school begins, I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss a growing concern with the youth of today... cell phones and their effects.

As we all know, cell phones have become a necessity for almost everyone on the planet. They are a convenient way to look up information, pass the time, or catch up with family and friends. They are a tool for education like books, calculators and pencils. They are a tool for communication like the rotary phone, remember those? They are a way to "meet up" with friends outside of being in their presence.

As with many new technological advances, we also have growing pains and unintended consequences. The art of conversation has been lost! I attended a conference this summer and heard a talk by Sherry Turkle, a professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT. I was pleased to see that her research into the effect of cell phones on teenagers backed up my observations working with living and breathing teens over the past 25 years.

A couple of lines really stuck in my head after seeing Dr. Turckle that I would like to share.

1) "When we were growing up, we would pick up the phone when we felt something. Today, teenagers pick up the phone and post in order to feel something. " This is concerning to everyone since teens of today have the inability to be alone with themselves. There seems be a need for stimulus all the time. She says that people need to be taught to be alone so that they will never be lonely. This is so true.

2) "Without conversation, studies show that we are less empathetic, less connected, less creative and fulfilled. We are diminished, in retreat." This, too, is quite troubling; however, it seems that the more students interact via a screen , the fewer emotions they ultimately feel.

3) "I am particularly struck by parents who say they want their children to stop texting at dinner but they don't feel they can object when the phones come out. They fear they are too late with their admonishments, that they will be left behind if they don't embrace the new." I will tell you now, you are NOT TOO LATE. Here at school, we have a NO CELL PHONE USE policy during class time. You see, although people pride themselves on being "multi-taskers," education is a "uni-task" activity. Students cannot be focused on learning if they are concerned with who is texting, Instagramming, and Snapchatting.

4) "It is not enough to ask your children to put away their phones. You have to model this behavior and put away your phone. If children don't learn how to listen, to stand up for themselves and negotiate with others in classrooms or at family dinner, when will they learn to give-and-take that is necessary for good relationships or, for that matter, for the debate of citizens in a democracy? Reclaiming conversation begins with the acknowledgement that speaking and listening with attention are skills. They can be taught. They take practice and that practice can start now. In your home, in a classroom, at your job."

These quotes are from her book entitled "Reclaiming Conversation - The Power of Talk in a Digital Age." I highly recommend the book for those people more interested in her findings.

How does this translate to Delran High School? It is very simple. We ask that you support our goal of keeping class time sacred time. We ask that you do not text your child in the middle of the day unless it is an emergency and in that case, we would rather you contact the school. We have had instances where a child has received a text that a family member had passed away or other bad/sad news. We, as a school, are prepared to work and support our students in every way possible; however, please call your child's counselor so that we can handle these type of matters in a private, appropriate manner.

We also ask that you allow your child to advocate for him/herself. As Dr. Turkle said, when will children learn the give-and-take that is necessary for good relationships? I understand that you wish to advocate for your child, and I do not dissuade any parent from doing so; however, please let your child be the first advocate, and if the situation is not resolved, please step in. Here at DHS, we pride ourselves on working with students to help them grow, both intellectually as well as social and emotionally. Part of this process is to stand up for oneself and we support our students in this!

We also ask that if your child is not feeling well that he/she go to the nurse. We have had times when a child texts his/her mother who comes to pick up him/her from school. Please understand that those class absences are not excused and will count towards the total absence count. Please carefully review the Attendance Policy in the Handbook.

Finally, if you cannot get your child to put the cell phone down, remind him/her that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Read about it HERE.

I thank you and wish you and your family a great remainder of the summer and a fantastic school year.

Family ID

As discussed in the previous broadcast, Delran High School has gone paperless!!! Please go to FamilyID and register for DHS's registration system. As of today, we will use this system for registration and parking passes.

To Register, click HERE.

For Parking Permits, click HERE.

Before completing the registrations above, you must first create an account with FamilyID. The steps are listed below:

We are excited to announce that we are now offering the convenience of online registration through FamilyID (www.familyid.com).

FamilyID is a secure registration platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendly way to sign school policies, such as handbook agreements, media releases, and acceptable use policies, and helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register through FamilyID, the system keeps track of your information in your FamilyID profile. You enter your information only once for each family member for multiple uses and multiple programs.


A parent/guardian should register by clicking on this link:


Follow these steps:

  1. To find your program, click on the link provided above and select the registration form under the word Programs.
  2. Next click on the green Register Now button and scroll, if necessary, to the Create Account/Log In green buttons. If this is your first time using FamilyID, click Create Account. Click Log In, if you already have a FamilyID account.
  3. Create your secure FamilyID account by entering the account owner First and Last names (parent/guardian), E-mail address and password. Select I Agree to the FamilyID Terms of Service. Click Create Account.
  4. You will receive an email with a link to activate your new account. (If you don’t see the email, check your E-mail filters,spam, junk, etc.)
  5. Click on the link in your activation E-mail, which will log you in to FamilyID.com
  6. Once in the registration form, complete the information requested. All fields with a red* are required to have an answer.
  7. Click the Save & Continue button when your form is complete.
  8. Review your registration summary.
  9. Click the green Submit button. After selecting ‘Submit’, the registration will be complete. You will receive a completion email from FamilyID confirming your registration.

At any time, you may log in at www.familyid.com to update your information and to check your registration(s).

To view a completed registration, select the 'Registration' tab on the blue bar.


  • If you need assistance with registration, contact FamilyID at: support@familyid.com or 888-800-5583 x1.
  • Support is available 7 days per week and messages will be returned promptly.

Other Important Information

1) For incoming Freshmen and New Students to Delran High School in grades 10-12, our Orientation program will be held on August 30, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Performing Arts Center. The program for students will be from 10:00 -12:00 and the parent portion of the Orientation will be from 11:00 -12:00. We look forward to seeing everyone then!

2) Summer assignments are posted on the home page of the website. Encourage your child to have a strong start in the new school year by completing the summer reading they selected.

3) School pictures will be taken during Freshman Orientation for all Freshmen and on September 8, 2017 for all other students. Senior Portraits will be taken during the week of September 11. 2017. You can order your photo packages online at www.mylifetouch.com. You can receive a FREE digital image with online purchase when you join MYFAMILY Rewards program!

4) At this time students cannot request changes to their schedule. Students may request changes to academic courses from September 11 through September 15. Students are responsible for making up all missed work including summer assignments for new course by October 1, 2017. Guides for further schedule changes are on page 12 of the Program of Studies.

5) If your child has any outstanding fines(obligations) or has not completed his/her community service requirement from last year (SENIORS), he/she will be ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities, including athletics. They will be permitted to practice; however, they will not be issued any equipment from the school. Please contact Mrs. Jordan in the main office to clear up any obligations. Please contact Mr. Stolarick to speak with him concerning community service hours.

6) Click Here for information regarding the Indoor Air Quality Plan for the 2017-2018 School Year.

7) Click Here for information regarding the Annual Pest Management Notice for Delran High School 2017-2018 School Year.

8) Parents of incoming Juniors, please familiarize yourself with the Community Service requirement for all Juniors. The link above will give you both an overview and the specifics of the program. All Juniors must complete 15 hours of community sercive. Summer is a perfect opportunity to get started, or complete your requirement.

Curriculum Corner

Please visit the link below for a special message from Mrs. Eileen Baker, K-12 Supervisor of English and Language Arts. In it you will find information on Delran Reads!! (Summer Reading)

ELA Summer Update

Please visit the link below for a message from Mrs. Mary Jo Hutchinson, K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics. In it you will find important information on the new calculator policy and summer math assignments. Remember, every student has a math assignment!!!

Math Summer Update

Student Parking Passes

Student parking passes are available for a $10.00 fee. The paperwork is online in the FamilyID system. Please click HERE to sign-up after registering with FamilyID! Seniors/juniors must present their license and a completed Student Automobile Form to Mrs. Sue Jordan in the main office to receive a parking tag. If a student does not have a parking tag, a warning will be given to the student. If the warnings do not seem to change behavior, the car will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Yearbook 2018

The Delran High School Yearbook; Spirit, is excited to announce our new publishing partnership with Josten’s. Ordering information should be mailed the last week of August.

We are excited to offer an Early Bird ordering special. Purchase the book before October 27th and pay only $75.00 and 4 FREE ICONS embossed on your student’s cover when you purchase a name personalization.

Regular sales 10/27 – 2/23 the book will be $80.00

Late Sales (based on availability) $90.00

Attention Senior Parents!

Jake's Run4Play 2017

Everyone who registers before September 16, 2017 will receive a run/walk tee-shirt. After that date, while supplies last, each participant will receive a medal made especially for the Delran playground project.

Early bird registration goes through August 25th.
Early bird registration is $25 adult.
August 26th goes to $30.
September 26th goes to $35.
Students are $25

Sign Up

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Delran High School Awarded Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grant to Fund

Delran, NJ – Sustainable Jersey for Schools representatives announced that Delran High School has been awarded a Sustainable Jersey for Schools Small Grant. Delran High School is one of thirty schools and districts in New Jersey to receive a Sustainable Jersey for Schools Small Grant funded by the New Jersey Department of Health in this funding cycle.

Currently, 273 districts and 679 schools have registered to work toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. “Sustainable schools are healthy schools, and schools that promote health and well-being will see benefits,” said Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. “These grants, funded by the New Jersey Department of Health, will support schools as they tackle important health and wellness actions.”

The New Jersey Department of Health is funding the grants through its Maternal and Child Health Services Title V Block Grant. The grants will be administered by three of the Department of Health’s regional partners: AtlantiCare (south), EmPoWER Somerset (central) and The Center for Prevention and Counseling (north).

About Sustainable Jersey for Schools

Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a certification program for public schools in New Jersey. It was launched by Sustainable Jersey, an organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward municipalities and schools as they pursue sustainability programs.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools is underwritten by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). The 2017 Sustainable Jersey for Schools small grants program is funded by the PSEG Foundation, NJEA, the Gardinier Environmental Fund and the New Jersey Department of Health. Founding Sponsor contributors are South Jersey Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas and NJM Insurance Group. Bayer Foundation and Investors Bank are Silver Sponsors.

Program partners include: NJSBA, NJEA, New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA), New Jersey Association of School Business Officials (NJASBO), New Jersey Parent Teacher Association (NJPTA), New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA), New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association (NJSBGA) and The Sustainability Institute at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).

Website: www.SustainableJerseySchools.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SJ_Schools

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SustainableJersey

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sustainable_jersey/

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/company/sustainable-jersey

Counselor Corner

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College Planning...What should we be doing?

  • Boston University will be hosting a reception in Philadelphia for high school juniors and seniors and their families, Sunday, September 17, 2017. Registration Flyer.
  • Rowan College at Burlington County is hosting an information session for ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, Thursday August 24th, 6:30-8pm, Laurel Hall, Room 320. They will also discuss their programs for:
  • Associate of Applied Science in Alt. Energy Technologies
  • Solar Ready, a NABCEP and OSHA 30 certification solar energy training program
  • Further information can be found rcbc.edu/green
  • Is your senior ready to send out college applications this fall? Click here to review what to do this summer to prepare for college admissions.
  • Students at all grade levels are encouraged to begin exploring colleges. Build colleges of interest in Naviance and plan campus visitations.
  • The Guidance Department will host their 3rd annual College Planning Information Night. We invite parents of college bound students to attend on October 12th, at 6:30pm.

Naviance...What is it?

All students in grades 10 -12 have already opened an account.

  • Naviance is a web-based tool that allows your child to explore their values, personality, strengths and correlate them to career clusters. This will help direct them to colleges which suggest majors so that they can build a list of colleges to explore.
  • Seniors and Juniors can see upcoming college visitations and request to attend directly in Naviance.
  • All students should be building their personal Activity Resume.
  • Ask your child to share with you what they are doing in Naviance! It is important for you to be a part of this process!!!
  • Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts Tours

    Rutgers University Mason Gross School of The Arts will hold several information sessions and campus tours this Fall on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. The sessions are for prospective students and their parents interested in art,dance,film,music,theater, and visual arts. For more information, contact admissions@masongross.rutgers.edu or 848-932-5241. To find out more about Rutgers University,visit www.rutgers.edu. For Rutgers merchandise, go to www.rutgersshop.com. Please share this with other principals,teachers,parents,students, and guidance counselors.


    To visit dance classes or take a tour, please contact:
    Department of Dance
    Phone: 848-932-1367
    Email: leidyg@mgsa.rutgers.edu
    Mason Gross School of the Arts
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    85 George Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901



    Date: Saturday, September 30th, 2017

    Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

    The Open House will include:

    •Program Information Session

    •Student and Faculty Q&A

    •Facilities Tour

    •Student Film Screening

    To request a weekday staff-led tour of our facilities, please contact :

    Karina Daves
    Rutgers Filmmaking Center
    Phone: 848-932-5245
    Email: kdaves@mgsa.rutgers.edu
    Mason Gross School of the Arts
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    33 Livingston Avenue
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901



    The best way for undergraduates to have their questions answered, meet faculty and current students, take a tour of our facilities and see a performance is to attend one of our Open House Events:


    October 6, 2017

    November 18, 2017

    December 12, 2017

    April 21, 2018

    TOUR THE MUSIC FACILITIES - If you would like to arrange a visit with the department or make an appointment to speak with an advisor or admissions representative you may do so by calling 732-932-9364 or by emailing jclark@mgsa.rutgers.edu


    To take a lesson with one of our faculty members please visit our music faculty page to find a complete listing of our faculty and the appropriate contact information. If you are unable to locate the faculty's contact information on this page please go to PEOPLE SEARCH AT RUTGERS, type the full name of the faculty member in the field provided and press the "search people" button to be taken to their University directory listing.

    For more information please contact:

    Department of Music
    Phone: 732-932-9190
    Mason Gross School of the Arts
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    81 George Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901



    The best way for to have your questions answered about our Theater Department is to attend one of our Open House Events. There you will learn all about our programs, meet faculty and current students and take a tour of our facilities:

    For more information please email theater@mgsa.rutgers.edu or call 848-932-1176.



    The best way for you to have your questions answered about the Visual Arts Department is to attend one of our Open House Events. There you will learn all about our programs, meet faculty and current students and take a tour of our facilities.

    Visual Arts Undergraduate Open House

    Date: Saturday, October 28th, 2017

    This event is intended for high school students and will include:

    -Program Information Session

    -Q & A

    -Portfolio Reviews with Faculty

    -Tour of Visual Arts Facilities

    Virtual Backpack is available for all current and past information.

    DHS Nitty Gritties

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