A Hero That Does Not Use A Sword

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a man and his wife

A man and his music

Orpheus was the son of a Thracian King and his mother was the muse Calliope. At the time he was living with his mother and her eight sisters. One day Apollo was courting one of his mother's sisters. That was when he met Apollo ,who was the god of music, after they met Apollo gave him a lyre and taught him how to play it. He became so well at playing the lyre that he could charm any animal and even stones with it.

His Quest

Orpheus is one of some of the only heroes to return from that underworld. The reason he was able to return was because he did not use a sword for a weapon he used a lyre. With his calming and soothing music he was able to charm Hades and his wife. But his mission was to save his wife from the underworld but did not succeed because he could not look at her until they had both returned from the underworld. But as soon as Orpheus made it out he turned to look at her, but sadly she had not made it out yet and she disappeared into thin air.

his death

He would not worship any god but Apollo, who was also the god of the sun, so he went the oracle of Dionysus to worship Apollo at dawn. While he was waiting on the sun to rise Dionysus's followers caught Orpheus and slayed him on the spot by cutting his head off.
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Orpheus and his death

he was ripped apart limb from limb