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December 2014

1st Grade Research on Colonial Times

Using the Guided Inquiry Research Model first graders did a research unit on transportation, communication and recreation in Colonial times. Prior to the research, students created a visual timeline of their age. To connect to the content and build background knowledge, they used iPads to look at Discovery Learning Boards about the lives of faculty members when they were in first grade.

To gather information about Colonial times the students went to various stations in the library. They had opportunities to create clay marbles, try writing with a feather pen and ink, use wooden dice to play a math game and try their hand at writing with chalk on a chalkboard. They also used the online resource PebbleGo to gather additional information. The students created a slide on the ShowMe app on the iPads to demonstrate what they've learned.

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We Love Our Volunteers!

We're so proud of our volunteer, Mr. Milliman. He received the Founder's Day award from the PTA. Mr. Milliman has volunteered at the Northern Hills Library for 8 years and comes in four days a week to shelve books. In addition, he mentors students several days a week. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our Northern Hills family!
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Hour of Code

The entire Northern Hills campus participated in the National Hour of Code. The students watched a short video about coding and then were introduced to apps on the library iPads that they could use to try out coding.

The National Hour of Code is a global movement designed to help students understand coding and develop a foundation that will help them in any career path in the future.

The students loved coding and a student said, "I want to be a computer programmer!" after trying out coding. Even the teachers tried it out and showed that we are all learners.

Coding Inspiraton

After trying out The Hour of Code in the library, a third grade student was inspired to make his own robot. With the assistance of his grandfather, this student did a fantastic job of creating the robot from scratch.
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Winter Break Reading Challenge

Over the Winter Break, the students were encouraged to stay warm with good books and earn a prize. Students were given a form the week prior to the break. The form had a mug with 10 marshmallows floating in it. The attached page had marshmallows with different reading challenges. Students were to choose 10 different challenges, read for at least 30 minutes for each marshmallow, cut out the marshmallow and glue it to the mug. The prize was a penguin "bentcil" that states "Books Are Cool".
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Bluebonnet Reading

This 5th grade student has read all 20 of the Bluebonnet nominees and passed a test on all of them! His favorite book from this year's nominees is The Expeditioners.

The deadline to read at least 5 of the nominees to be eligible to vote is Thursday, January 29. We will have Bluebonnet voting and celebration in the library on Friday, January 30.

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Library Information

  • 1,964 items checked out. Kinder-161, 1st-278, 2nd-416, 3rd-173, 4th-207, 5th-502
  • 386 walk-ins
  • 15 (3-5) classes did the Hour of Code in the library
  • 39 (K-2) classes had library lessons. Lessons were taught on coding, winter, research, and cultural holiday celebrations.
  • 5 (1st grade) classes had research centers on Colonial times
  • 11 (3-5) classes came for checkout only

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Upcoming Events in January

  • Third grade research on Rapid Changes in the Earth's Surface
  • 2nd grade Fairy/Folk Tale Battle Kickoff
  • 3rd grade Battle of the Books Kickoff
  • Bluebonnet voting and celebration on Jan. 30, last day to qualify is the 29th