"Asta's son" By Megan Richey


The son of Asta, is accused of the crime of stealing money from the money chest, in the Stromford manor house. Thus, he is proclaimed a wolf's head, and a sinner. He can be put to death by anyone. Asta's son has also been out past curfew. This boy has done these terrible crimes. He shall be put too death for treason against Stromford. Thy son of Asta is dangerous, if found it's legal to kill him.


If Asta's son is found, his reward shall be twenty shillings. He is wanted dead or alive. Asta's son is a theft and a dangerous being. He is not to be trusted. Asta's son is around the age of thirteen. This boy is skittish and scrawny. He mustn't be alive.

Stromford Village

If found, then bring the boy, dead or alive, to the Stromford Manor. Ask for John Aycliffe