Ferdinand Magellan

By Devin P

Early Life

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Northern Portugal, in about 1480. His name is Fernao de Megalhaes in Portugal. Magellan's parents were part of the nobility. They died in when he was ten. Two years later, when he was twelve, he became a page to Queen Leonor. This position was mostly given for sons of Portuguese nobility. At the royal courts, he learned about Vasco de Gama's voyages and the other major voyages. The first time Magellan went to sea was in 1505, when he was around 25. He sailed to India with the group of Francisco de Almeida. One year later, in 1506, Ferdinand Magellan went on an expedition, sent by Almeida, to the east coast of Africa. He was sent so he could strengthen Portugal's bases there. In 1507, he returned to India where he participated in trade and many battles against Turkish fleets. A couple of years later, he sailed with Portuguese fleets to Meleka, which is now Malaysia. The Malays attacked the Portugal who went ashore. Magellan helped rescue his partners. He also took part in an expedition that conquered Maleka. Later in his life, he joined a military expedition to Morocco. There he got a very bad wound that caused him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

Places Explored and Reasons Why

Ferdinand Magellan explored many places. Some of these places were Morocco, Meleka, India, and the coast of Africa. Magellan explored these places earlier in his life. When he became an explorer there where many reasons why. They include, because he lived during the Age of Exploration. This influenced him because many others were exploring. ANother reason is he would get more money. He would also get to learn a lot more about differnt places. Lastly because he needed to find a new sea route to Asia. These reasons helped him reach Asia, Philippians, And Spice Island.

Skills and Educated

Ferdinand Magellan was well educated and accomplished and discovered many things. One skill he had was that he went to the royal courts to study map making, astronomy, and navigation. He was an expert navigator and in 1505 he went on his first sea journey. During the next seven years he worked for trading expeditions. Some of his accomplishments were that he was one of not many people to reach Asia. He was the first person to circumnavigate the world, or travel around the whole world. Some of his discoveries were that he found a new sea route to Asia. He also found a narrow passage way with is now called The Straight of Magellan. Lastly he discovered that Christopher Columbus did not reach Asia, but found a new land.

How Ferdinand Magellan Died

Ferdinand Magellan did not just die from old age. As you know, Magellan voyaged to Asia. There a giant battle broke out and Magellan sadly was killed. Five of his ships set out to go home, but only one made it back to Spain. Only some crew members made it back alive. One many you managed to make it back was Antonia Pigafetta, he sailed with Magellan. This man kept a journal of the voyage. Magellan died when he was 41, which was pretty old fro the 1500's. He died on April 27, 1521.


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