Beachmont News

January 2023

Principal's Message

Beachmont Families,

January was another successful month at the Beachmont. We continue to see all of our students making progress both academically and social-emotionally on a daily basis. Seeing this growth is energizing!

On Friday, January 27th we had a great turnout for our monthly Parent Coffee. These monthly coffees provide a snap shot of what is happening at the school and are a great opportunity to build trust and rapport between home and school. Our next parent coffee is scheduled for February 16th at 8:45am. (See below for additional information)

February 6th will be our 100th day of school for 1st-5th grade. February 9th will be the 100th day of school for PreK and K. Special activities surrounding the number 100 will be happening throughout the school on these days. The 100th day of school also means that the school year is over halfway complete. Please continue to keep an eye on your child's attendance. Here are a few points that were discussed at the Parent Coffee:

  • The state law for student attendance stipulates that students are not supposed to miss more than 7 full school days or 14 half days in any 6 month period.

  • While we know that there are extreme circumstances related to illness that must be considered on a case by case basis, this is the guide all schools in the state must follow.

  • Students who exceed this number of absences risk being referred to the district's school attendance supervisor for follow up.

  • Additionally, the state classifies any student who misses 10% or more of the school year (18 school days) as being chronically absent.

  • All attendance data is tracked by the state and we must report this data at the end of every month.

It is a group effort, but we want to make sure your child is here on a daily basis!

During the final five months of the school year, we hope to host a variety of different community activities/events. Grade-level teams are currently planning a number of field trip opportunities. We are excited to host a Culture Night(May 4th) , Art Show(Date TBD), and Spring Concert(Date TBD) among many other end of year events. We will be solidifying dates for all of these events and will be sending them out in the next few weeks.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

It's a great day to be a bee!

Mr. Freisen

February Dates to Remember

February 6th- 100th Day of School for 1st-5th Grade

February 9th- 100th Day of School for PreK and K

February 15th- Early Release(Directors Meetings)

February 16th- Monthly Parent Coffee 8:45am

February 16th- School Improvement Meeting 3pm

February 20th-24th- February Vacation(No School)

District-Wide No School Dates:

MCAS Dates

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will be participating in MCAS Testing during April and May. This is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate understanding in areas of ELA, Math, and Science. We want to make sure that all families are aware of these dates.


3rd - April 3rd & 4th

4th - April 6th & 7th

5th - April 10th & 11th


3rd May 15th and 16th

4th May 11th & 12th

5th-May 8th & 9th

STE(Science Technology/Engineering)

5th May 18th & 19th

Interview with Ms. Peet and Ms. Evans

February Parent Coffee

On February 16th, we will host our 6th parent coffee of the year! These events have been well attended and we appreciate this opportunity to connect with families. The coffee will take place in our cafeteria at 8:45am. In past months, we have brought in several staff members to present as well as community partners/organizations.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like addressed at our next parent coffee or would like to learn more about a specific program/aspect of the Beachmont, please email me at and we will do our best to discuss and address.

PTO Updates

PTO Updates

There will be a few PTO Dress Down Days in the coming months. Please be on the lookout for these!

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Twitter- @BeachmontPTO

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