Twentieth Century

By: Chase Lennon

Roaring Twenties

  • Louis Armstrong was a famous singer/musician

  • Women got the right to vote

  • Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player

  • Known as the jazz age

  • Age of intolerance

  • Harlem Renaissance(drawing, black writers, artists, musicians, photographers, poets, and scholars

  • Eighteenth amendment was made(alcohol was allowed to be sold anywhere in the US) on January 29, 1919

  • Steel strike ended on January 9, 1920

  • October 1921 was the first baseball world series

  • Ford Motor company made over $1 million dollars

  • October 6, 1927 the first ¨talking” motion picture premiered

  • November 18, 1929 Mickey Mouse was created

  • October 1929 the stock market collapse

  • Black owned magazines and newspapers flourished

  • 1920-1930 almost 750,000 african americans left the south and migrated north

Vietnam War

  • North Vietnam vs. South Vietnam
  • 3 million people died, 580,000 Americans
  • Every day, about 10 soldiers died
  • War began in 1954
  • U.S withdrew in 1973
  • The war ended in 1975
  • Disease was the main reason people died
  • The war lasted 19 years
  • North Vietnam won
  • 40,000 American troops were involved
  • 10,000 people are still missing
  • President John Kennedy sent 400 trained soldiers to teach South Vietnamese soldiers how to fight
  • 3,500 marines were sent to South Vietnam
  • Mainly fought in South Vietnam
  • South Vietnam was supported by more than 31 countries

Why did you choose the two topics?

I chose to do a project on the Vietnam War and the Roaring 20s because before doing this project I didn't know a lot about the roaring 20s. Also, I thought the Vietnam War would be interesting to learn about because we have already learned about many other wars and to me the Vietnam War seemed like a good topic to study.

How did these events impact society?

The roaring 20s impacted the society in many ways but particularly because it was a good time for society back then. Just after the roaring 20s ended was World War 1. The roaring 20s was a time period that was also known as the ¨Jazz Age¨ it was know as that because music played a big role during that time period.

The Vietnam war impacted society in many ways as well. Even though this war was not the most bloodiest or the most deadliest it still affected society in many different ways. Vietnam War costed a huge amount of money in total. Also, many Americans died or many are still missing to this day.