The Culture of Art

James Shields Middle School Art Club


Throughout my volunteer service, I taught students how to properly paint, choose specific paintbrushes for certain paintings and ways to make their artwork more appealing. Meanwhile I also worked on a mural that showed the community and culture that surrounded the school.


I definitely met my objectives because students significantly improved their painting skills through their artwork. More students became interested in the culture that was shown through art. Together with their skills and knowledge, they were able to include that in their class projects and murals.

Needs Fufilled

The need I fulfilled was the need to spread culture through art while teaching students from Shields Middle School. After the art club experience, students were able to name different techniques used for painting such as stippling and some were even inspired by the artists they had learned about.


This volunteer experience ultimately was very exciting for me. I was teaching students about art culture and techniques, but at the same time I was doing something that I really enjoyed. Hopefully I will go back and keep helping my local school!