Please Join Us!

Our Next Round of Coaching Cycles is Coming Soon

We Are So Proud of Our Students!

We have just completed our first round of coaching cycles! Hurray. As your literacy coach, I enjoyed working alongside the fourth grade team, Mary in kindergarten, and Mario in fifth grade. Here’s a little bit about what we did…

  • Each teacher/team set a goal for what they would like to see their students doing across the next unit of study
  • We unpacked the standards that would be focused on in the unit
  • We co-planned and co-taught for approximately five weeks
  • Along the way we worked together to formatively assess the students
  • We met each week to look at student work and adjust our lessons for the next week
  • We partnered and co-taught a variety of lessons
  • We celebrated student growth…every day!

It's Not Too Late to Join the Next Round!

Our next round of coaching cycles will take place from November 3rd until December 12th. This will align with your upcoming unit of study, and we should be done in time for the interim assessments that will take place in December. It is up to you if you’d like to participate as an individual or with a group of colleagues (your team, a teaching partner, etc.). If you are interested, please email me with the following information:

  1. Names of Who Will Participate in the Coaching Cycle (up to 4 teachers)
  2. Focus/Unit of Study
  3. Best days and times for co-planning
  4. Best days and times for co-teaching