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February 16, 2022

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Our Diversity, Our Richness

This month Cesar Chavez celebrates Black History Month. We cherish the traditions which add meaning to the lives of our families. We speak into our students their ability to make change, to lead and to view their own potential during this time. I view all celebrations of culture to a be a time where our students hold up a mirror to themselves and reflect on their GREATNESS as Chavez Champions!

Our students have lessons infused into Social Studies which honor, recognize and celebrate the contributions to our communities. Our classroom doors will bring to life African Americans as well. We continue to offer a wide range of text both in our libraries and in class which are written by and about African American lives.

Take a listen to our announcements shared daily on our Facebook page as well and listen to the spotlights.

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Chavez Learns

It's Not ALL About the Right Answer

Many times I hear parent share that they are unsure how to support student's learning in Math. Parents often say the "new" way Math is taught is very different than what they learned. While the Math itself has not changed there definitely is a shift from rote math skills to building Math literacy and reasoning.

Math reasoning is a child's ability to drawing logical conclusions based on evidence or stated assumptions. Students today need to develop critical thinking skills to succeed in mathematics and in life.

Here are some types of questioning we want to expose them to in order to develop their math reasoning abilities.

Responding to Help Clarify Thinking

  • Tell me more.
  • Can you explain that in a different way?
  • Help me to understand this part…
  • Would this method work in other problems?
  • Is there a more efficient strategy?
  • Is there another strategy that would work?
  • How could you help another student without telling them the answer?

Our students are not brining home Math homework because research does not support the effectiveness of this practice. However, we do want to keep parents informed about what we are learning so you can discuss with your child and support their learning progress if you wish. For questions reach out to your child's teacher at any time!

~ Your Proud Chavez Team

Notes from Nurse Myers

Hello Parents and Important People,

The month of February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Good dental health is important for ALL of us but especially children who are losing baby teeth and getting brand new permanent teeth. This is a great time to get your kids started with healthy habits regarding their teeth.

Here's a short list of ways you can help your child have healthy teeth:

Be a role model. Kids like to imitate those around them, so be a good role model and demonstrate good oral health habits for them. Brush and floss with your kids, rather than sending them into the bathroom on their own. Instead of treating it as a chore, make it part of the daily routine.

  1. Teach them. Show kids under age 3 how to use a rice-size amount of toothpaste. Once kids are able to understand how to spit, rather than swallow the paste, they can use a pea-size amount. When teeth have grown to touch each other, kids can floss and rinse with mouthwash daily.
  2. Keep dental appointments. Keep a regular routine of visiting the dentist twice a year, and involve your children. By keeping your appointments, you make it a normal activity, and they will make it a ritual. Your child should have their first dental appointment within 6 months of their first tooth or their first birthday, whichever comes first, and then twice a year after that.
  3. Talk. Talk to your kids about what they can expect at the dentist. At their dental visit, talk to your dentist about any concerns you have such as crowding, thumb sucking, losing teeth, mouth guards, and whatever else concerns you. .
  4. Eat healthy foods. Avoiding sugary drinks and foods not only helps overall health but it can create a discussion about cavities. When sugar is allowed to sit on your teeth, it can create decay, and we all want healthy, strong teeth to enjoy the things we love.
  5. Brush. Brushing twice a day for at least 2 minutes is recommended, yet not always achieved. Set a timer and use a tartar dye if desired to be sure all the teeth surfaces are reached and that brushing has happened long enough to be effective at removing plaque. There are apps available to make brushing and caring for your teeth fun.
  6. Consider Sealants. For healthy kids teeth, talk to your dentist about the option of having your child’s teeth sealed. Sealants can help prevent cavities and resulting fillings.
  7. Use Rewards. Let kids choose their own toothbrush (within reason) and consider a goal chart to track their progress on a goal that leads to a reward such as going to a movie, or taking a trip to the toy store.
  8. Don’t share germs. Don’t share utensils, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers or other items with your kids or allow them to be shared with others. Bacteria in our mouths can be passed to each other and isn’t healthy. Be sure to sanitize all items that may be in your baby’s mouth to prevent bacterial infections such as thrush.

To help us celebrate National Children's Dental Health month our friends at Dental Depot have once again provided each of our students a bag with a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste. Be on the lookout for these to be coming home soon!

Rachael Myers, RN

Chavez Elementary

2600 Hart Rd

Little Elm, TX 75068

972.947.9452 x41006

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Want to join us for lunch?

Chavez is in need of a lunch monitor. This position is a 3 hour a day position from 10:30 am-1:30 pm. This is a great chance to connect with our learners and be a part of the awesome Chavez team!

If you or someone you know is interested please apply here:

Coming Soon!

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Candy Grams Raised $$$ for LE Foodbank

News You Can Use

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Don't miss out on great Chavez Champion memories

Families, yearbooks are on sale now for only $20!

Ordering is easy! Go to and enter the code 10305122

OR send in payment with the paper order form that your child brought home.

The class in each grade level with the most yearbooks sold will earn a popsicle party!

Thank you for your support!

Mentors Matter - We NEED You!

Cesar Chavez is hoping to establish our first mentor program this year. This program would allow for identified students to have a special person in their lives. What we know is that role models and someone to talk to support students in a variety of ways. First and foremost it is someone who cares about this student and can be a sounding board for both challenges and victories. Second this person can help our students set goals and make plans to achieve those goals.

This person would check in with them either once a week or twice a month. This check in time would be established based on the mentors schedule and availability. These are quick 20-30 minute visits during the school day. This small investment allows every child to have a champion in their lives.

We want to cast a wide net to find diverse mentors. If you are interested in being a Chavez Champion Mentor please fill out this form:

Please note that it contains a link to fill out the LEISD background check form as well. Here it ease for quick access as well:

If you have additional questions about the chance to serve in this capacity please let me know. If you know others that might be interested please share this information with them as well.

Thank you for your partnership - we simply could not do this alone!

Your Proud Principal,

Christine Gibson

Safety First for our Cesar Chavez Lobos

Please stay tuned to LEISD's #SAFELobo website for on time updates. We are committed to having an exceptional year. Your child's healthy and safety are a priority to us.

Keep Us Posted

  • If your child is sick please follow school guidelines about being symptom free before returning to school and seeking medical guidance.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If your child is COVID positive or has been in contact with a COVID positive individual please notify the school nurse Rachel Myers, our admin team Mrs. Vandiver and/or Mrs. Gibson and your child's classroom teacher.

Community Information

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We are always needing highly invested substitutes. This is a great way to plug into our campus is to apply to be a substitute here at our amazing campus! Did you know you can pick up as many or as few days if you want. Come on and join us!

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