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What Are The Best Free Carfax Report Alternatives Online?

Buying a car has never been easy as picking one that you like. There are a series of information that you should know and understand, especially if you are buying a second hand or not so new car. Today, one of the best methods is to get a free Carfax report alternative to verify the car condition. The car condition and history are a must to know before purchasing it. Who would’ve like to buy a car that has a bad history? Well, regardless of the amount, there’s no one wants to. With this, a Carfax is needed to help you on whether you are going to purchase it or not.

Do you own a car made since 1981? Then, it’s important to know that there are damaged history and detailed repair from Carfax. Have you ever heard about a Carfax report? If this is your first time to encounter it, don’t worry as this article is written for you.

A Carfax report lists many things about the history of a specific vehicle. It is primarily associated with the Vehicle Identification Number, known as VIN. So, what is the use of this report? If you’re looking for a used car, the report will be of great help.

But what is Carfax and why it is important?

Carfax is a company that provides the data of vehicle history. All history of the secondhand cars and trucks from its past owner, insurance company records, police records if had, and many more. Before buying a secondhand vehicle, It is important that you know it’s Carfax so that you have the idea on what should you do to improve its usage and you can determine if it will suit on what purpose you to use it.

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Best VIN Lookup and Free Carfax Report VIN Check Alternatives

Nowadays, a lot of people believe that obtaining a Carfax report is costly. What they don’t know is that the report is money-saving because there’s a way to get one for free. But before that, let’s understand what a Carfax means.

What is a Carfax Report?

Known as a history of a vehicle, a Carfax report summarizes the life of your car from the manufacturer, past owners, to you. By bringing up reports of repairs or accidents linked to the VIN, a Carfax discloses the whole history in an error-free format. That’s why many consider the report as worth the cost.

Since Carfax is a marketable web-based service, you have to pay for the data in the vehicle that you are going to purchase. Carfax is known to give a more precise report for the vehicle; However, a Carfax is an estimated amount of $40. So, before you purchase a vehicle, you need to spend money first for the Carfax. But there are now alternatives for that!

To help you save money, we have listed here the best free Carfax alternatives online as follows.


The VIN report is free where you will need the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number in checking if it matches on what is advertise model of the vehicle. There are instances that it didn’t match so be careful because it might be a scam. With the VIN, it can be identified if the vehicle’s history from its previous owner to information if it was stolen or not. can be through an online app, which is the iSeeCars VIN Report application available in Android and iOS. It allows its users to have comprehensive data instantly after the scanning of the vehicle’s barcode or the VIN. The barcode of the vehicle usually is located in the front of the windshield and or the door side of the driver.

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More Carfax Report and NICB Report Alternatives Online

· National Insurance Crime Bureau VinCheck

Another free CarFax alternative is the VinCheck, and it is free of service provided for the public. To assist them in determining if the vehicle is not or stolen one. With the availability of the vehicle’s VIN, VinCheck can perform various searches to get exact info for it. They conducted five searches maximum, which are conducted per IP Address within twenty-four hours.


To make a wide-ranging report for free, is another site to use. By inserting the VIN o the vehicle, the user can have a full history report of the vehicle he or she planning to purchase.

· FordEtis

FordEtis also offers free Ford Vehicle Report which you can find the vehicle’s data by searching its info with its VIN. You can save money by using it because it is a completely free VIN check service. So, you can check easily if the car you are going to buy is free in all aspects such as it is not stolen or anything.

· MyCarfax

This is a free app which provides maintenance and recollections of the vehicle. However, it does not include the history of the vehicle.

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Get a Free Carfax Report By VIN Check

A free Carfax report by VIN is useful to let you know the things that you should know about the vehicle. Like if you want to have a mechanic inspection or test drive to the car. The Carfax is like the memory of the vehicle that can give you the past of the car. The information that what you can get about the vehicle in a free Carfax report alternative comes from the different departments, facilities and many more who are inclined with all types of vehicles.

Getting a free vehicle history report online is a must to guarantee that you have a branded or good vehicle even if it is a secondhand one. However, you need also to check the vehicle’s machine parts so you can save money for any future expenses if part of it malfunction or stop working.

A little reminder also that you should check the background of the company or the people that you are transacting to. Because there are instances of victims of fraud or scam, have a background check for your safety.

Where and How can you Get a Carfax Report without Costs?

Getting a free Carfax history report today is simple. First, you just have to call a used car dealership and ask about if they offer a free Carfax report with their vehicles.

Calling the company ahead of time is better than asking in person because they will be inclined to entice you to check out their used vehicles.

In case they provide a report without costs, tell the salesperson to get the Carfax report once you find a car that best fits all your criteria.

Visit a Reputable Dealership Site

Dealership companies have a subscription to Carfax reports. They also have an inventory of the vehicles you can see online along with the VIN. More often than not, you can just go to the official website of the dealership and be ready to get a free quote.

Loom for a Dealership Company in the Carfax

By using the Carfax website, you can perform a VIN lookup the vehicles that are close to them in dealerships with their subscription. The site lists all these cars in a format that has a similarity with a classified ad. In every car, there’s a button you can click to see the Carfax report.

By just following the tips above, you can get a free Carfax report easily!

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Free Carfax Report VIN Check

What does the Report Have?

A Carfax report chronicles a vehicle’s life. Everything that happens to a car can be found in this report and in other sites using a free VIN decoder. This includes the following:

Owner History - For those who want to purchase a used car, they prefer to have a worthwhile and meaningful investment. To do that, it’s best to know the owner's history of a particular vehicle. In a free Carfax report VIN check, the history of who owned the car and when they owned it are recorded. Plus, it will summarize the dates of repairs and accidents that took place.

Depending upon the result, you’ll know whether a used vehicle is good to try or not. If it’s below your expectations, it’s always a good idea to consider other alternatives for your convenience.

Accidental Damage – In this section, you’ll be aware of the fender bender and serious accidents. Commonly called as accidental damage, structural damage lowers the value of a car. So, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with that.

Manufacturer Recall and Warranty Problems – Any big recalls or warranty issues will pop up. And this could be a plus for you as a buyer. Sometimes, recalls performing extensive repairs without costs. There’s also a need to check the service history to identify whether or not the recall was done on a vehicle already.

Service Records – These include the records about the services that were done professionally. These will show how the vehicle was in the shop for extensive repairs. These will also tell about how often the services were carried out.

Odometer Readings – Odometer is a tool that can be replaced to read a lower amount of miles. However, seeing the service history can indicate how many miles are on the car or the chassis.

Another way that you can get a free Carfax report alternative is by requesting the dealerships to run the vehicle history report. To get this report you have to demonstrate that you are really interested in purchasing the car. You can demonstrate this by taking a test drive or by having a trusted mechanic look at the car. Talk to the sales person to pay for the vehicle history report. Most car dealers subscribe to a service to allow them to run the report economically. If the dealer is willing to run the vehicle report, this means that the car has a clean record. However, if the dealer gives you an outdated report or refuses to run the Carfax the car is likely to have problems.