It's All About Me

By Lauryn Killion

What are my favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies include dancing, riding horses, and reading. I dance at the Rhythm Room Dance Center in Jefferson, Iowa. I have seven horses and ride them every weekend or whenever I have time. I read a lot of books but my personal favorites are the Wizard Of Oz series and the spin offs of the Wizard Of Oz.

What are some of my favorite foods?

My absolute favorite food is my moms homemade ham balls. She uses a secret ingredient that makes them taste sweeter, and no its not sugar. We make them for Christmas and Thanksgiving every year and sometimes we make them just to make them for supper. Any ways they are the bomb dot com.

Who are some of my best friends?

What is my favorite sport?

My favorite sport is obviously dance is because I can make a career out of it and it lets me express myself. Without dance I probably would be really shy too.

What is a place I would want to visit?

If I were to go anywhere it would probably be New York. I would go there because that is the big place for you to be a dancer. If I could make it there, I could make it anywhere.

What are some of my personality traits?

Some of my personality traits are spunky, energetic, loud, and some would say annoying. I believe I am one of the craziest people you could find at this school. You may not believe it when I first meet you, but when I get to know you, WOW change of character.

What are some things I like about school?

I like some things in school like Social Studies, Math, and Reading. I really enjoy Social Studies because we get to be independent and you never really know what the teacher will come up with next. I like math because the teacher is funny. He starts singing songs I don't know all the time randomly. I also enjoy reading because most the time we get to be independent.

How many pets do I have?

I have eight horses named Dolly, Lady, Fancy, Jewel, Cruiser, Jojo, Gus, and shotzy. I have five dogs named Piper, Lilly, Ebony, Tesh, and Buddy. I have four cats named Ceazar, Rajah, Boots, and Mogul.

Who is in my family?

In my family there are four people, Rick Killion, Becky Killion, Nickolas Killion, and me Lauryn Killion.

What are adjectives describing how I want people to remember me?

I want people to remember me as a caring, strong, and intelligent person.These characteristics describe me because I care about everyone, I am strong in many ways and I am pretty smart.