Hobby - words

words - hobby


*Fákur - is my competition horse, I own him when I was 16years.

*Glampi - was horse I had once, He was my second horse I had

*Rúbín - Was my first horse I ride, he is the best horses I have own accept Fákur. It doesn´t matter what I did, he was care.

*Selfoss - My home town. I have live here sins I was born. Accept 2 years I live in a farm and in Hafnarfjörður.

* The stable - I have love it sins I was new born be in the stable and be with the horses.

* Competition - I started a little compete when I was young and it have grow being more and more competition

* My farm - In Our farm, we have a lot of horses, and I have one youngster 2years old horses. In our farm I think we have about 20 horses there.

* Landsmót - Landsmót is the biggerst competition here in Iceland. This summer I compete in my first Landsmót this summer 2014 and that was really fun because it is only X many people from every horseclub in Iceland and I and Fákur were the 5th that got in to Landsmót for Horseclub here in Selfoss.

* WM - The worldchampionship competition is holded in different countys inside Europe. Many famous and good place for this compete is Danmark in Herning, and in herning this year will WM be in start of august this year. It comes a lot of people to whats the best horses compete in many different competition. But WM can never be in Iceland. In WM come many national teams from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweeden and many other countries.

This pictures down here is from last double WM winner in Tölt. His name is Hnokki frá Fellskoti and his rider is Jóhann R. Skúlason and ofcourse they compete for ICELAND