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XL Axiata Director Resigns

JAKARTA - Director / Chief Marketing & Commerce Officer of PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) Pradeep Shrivastava resigned.

Director of XL Axiata Hasnul Suhaimi said Pradeep Shrivastava resignation related to the immediate assignment of Axiata Group.

" Change of directors and management is a common practice in the business world that continue to draw upon professionalism , let alone for the purpose of supporting the development of a group of companies , " he said in his statement in the disclosure Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) on Monday ( 11/17/2014 ) .

As for running the operational functions, the company has provided temporary power to Rashad Javier Sanchez as acting Chief Revenue and Customer Management Officer to handle matters related to marketing.

Additionally, Asni Juita also appointed as acting Chief Commerce Officer to deal with matters relating to the sale.

For your information, Rashad before joining XL Axiata Group Head Regional Development, which has pengelaman in the telecommunications industry for 30 years. While Asny previously served as Deputy Chief Commerce Officer of XL Axiata Axis Capital Group Jakarta Telecom Review PT Indonesia.