Upward Flag Football And Cheer

2016 Season Newsletter

Game Day Schedule

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What you need to know about Game Days....

Dear Upward Parents,

Our first game is this Saturday, September 17th. We will have 8 game days between now and November 5th.

Our football jerseys are reversible, so when you look at the game day line up, the Home team is listed on the left and wears the blue side of the jersey out. Visiting team is on the right and wears the silver side of the jersey out. Cheerleaders will follow their coach to the field of their choice.

FAQ’s answered….

  1. Field conditions are better in some places than others. We are aware of this, and it is a problem that we are working to correct with the property restructure as NCA builds stadiums and courts. Bear with us as we work through phases of construction.

  2. Parking and Traffic Flow. We have put a 30 minute gap between games to help with congestion and traffic flow. We will have a parking team directing traffic and we thank you for your patience and cooperation. We do ask that you follow the parking signs and park nose to tail, two cars deep, watching the cones and taped areas for no parking zones.

  3. Seating and Restrooms. You will need to bring your own seating. We encourage you to sit around the fields on all 4 sides an adequate distance away from the sidelines to allow for play but close enough to be a barrier for wayward footballs. We have three porta potties but no running water. Hand sanitizer will be attached to the post near the potties and also available at the concession stand.

  4. Concessions will be available on game days. Most items are $1. Proceeds go toward future Upward Scholarships for children that would not otherwise be able to play.

  5. First Aid is available at the concessions tent.

  6. Every Coach and Referee is a volunteer giving of their time, talent, and energy to make an impact in this season. Please remember to thank them for their investment. Please remember to sign and return the Parent Contract distributed by your coaches by game day.

We also ask that you help us keep this a family friendly environment by....
1. Please refrain from using foul and questionable language.
2. Please avoid use of any smoking, tobacco, and alcohol products while on our property.
3. Please leave pets at home. Our insurance will not cover damage to your loved ones, human or furry.

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In Case of inclement weather please check Facebook, Twitter, or the weather line, 803-520-9537, for updates.