OCPL Weekly Update

June 4, 2015

Main Library

Hello everyone. On Saturday Main was filled with excited parents and kids signing up for the SRP. It went very well. No escaping goats, however.
We've had some incidents with our unstable patrons. We called the police on one only to find out he had been provoked by another. I'm seriously hoping that this does not happen again as I am reluctant to confront either one of them.
Today 3 guys were fighting in the parking lot. It evidently moved to behind the woods as that is where that police found them.
We lost one of our colorful patrons last week, John Hoffman, a friend of Terry and mine's. We'll miss him.
Keep calm and carry on.


South Oldham Library

The SRP-themed bulletin board is complete! I promised pictures and here they are. We may not have a programming budget, but we certainly make up for it with staff creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness!

In other news, the solar shades were installed last week and they look great! We’ve had a lot of compliments on them!

My handyman husband came over last Sunday and installed the new security mirror and repaired our front people counter.

I will be on vacation next week, so you won’t be getting a report from me in next week’s newsletter. Julie Rogers is the PIC (person-in-charge) while I’m gone. I’m confident she will hold down the fort and will be available if you need to talk to someone from South!


Mahan Library

The Mahan SRP kickoff on Monday went great! After I sweated it out over the weather--and made a last-minute decision not to cancel the bouncy house--we had approximately 150 people show up for our event, and about 310 patrons visit during the whole day. Once more, it only rained for a short while!

Thanks go to:

* Kendra, Elizabeth, Karen S., and Lisa for working the desk during the craziness (Karen in particular handled the brunt of these duties).

* Lisa for keeping order at the bouncy house.

* Julie W. for handling the photo booth and taking pictures at the event.

* Melinda for being in charge of the craft and SRP sign-ups.

As far as non-staff members go, Karri Gerdemann and KaZoing provided the bouncy house and the costumed characters. As you can see from the pictures below, Batman and Elsa were quite the hit! Amy Parks of Kid Canvas did a great job with the face painting, as the picture below shows.

The kids also liked the North Oldham fire truck. (Twice during the event, the truck sped off to respond to a fire!)

You may already know this, but Mahan is closing at 2:00 tomorrow (Friday) and will be closed all day on Saturday. (Our parking lot is being resurfaced.)

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Children's Services

First of all, a big, big thank you to everyone for their help getting ready for the Summer Reading Program.

Melinda, Susan B. and I visited every Oldham County Elementary and promoted SRP and many children signed up for SRP through school.

The SRP kick-Off was on Saturday and was a huge success. We had over 3500 people attend and the weather held off until 2:06 PM. We missed the rain by the skin of our teeth. There were some llamas that got pretty wet though. But seriously, thank you so much to all of you for your hard work that day. Whether it was giving away free sno-cones, signing up kids for SRP or standing out in the hot parking lot to monitor everything, you were an important part of the craziest of days. SO THANK YOU! :)

Next week:

  • Toddler Time resumes at Main on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 AM
  • Madcap Puppets presents an after school performance of Aladdin & Friends 4 PM at Main on Wednesday, June 10th
  • Countdown to Kindergarten has it's Kick-Off party with a performance by Mr. Magic at 6:30 PM on Thursday, June 11th.
  • Sign ups for many SRP programs begin on Monday, June 8th. They can sign up for any program through our SRP page: http://www.oldhampl.org/SRP.html.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Teens & Main Circ

I'll be doing presentations at the schools through next Tuesday, then I'll be back at Main--ready to start programming for Teens the following week.

Thanks to all who have been handling all the craziness at Main with grace and composure. It sounds like it's been a wild week, that started with the uproar after the Kick-Off was over. I am always encouraged by our staff's huge heart in dealing with patrons who have some serious challenges in life. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.


Outreach & Adult Programming

Reminders about Adult SRP:
  • Prizes this year consist of smaller items, but more of them. Things like Roku players, chromecasts, and lots of gift certificates. We want more people to win prizes they will actually use, instead of just one tablet for someone who might already have one. Gift cards will be to book stores and local shops. They won't be purchased until the new fiscal year, so I can't give you exacts, but they will all be good!
  • If you are running low on newsletters or bookmarks for the adult program, please send me an email! I will get more to you as soon as we can print them.
  • All the registrations for the adult programs are live (we've already had quite a few sign up for events!) They can be found in 3 places: the SRP page (www.oldhampl.org/srp.html); the programming page (www.oldhampl.org/programs.html); and the calendar- if you click on a specific event, it has a link to register in the description. If there is no link to register, registration is not required!

If you have any other questions, please email me! Given all the events, outreach, and work in the lab I've been doing, I am not at my desk and won't get phone messages.


Technical Services

Same as it ever was - busy, busy, busy! There really is not a slow season in Tech Services.

Are patrons asking you to identify a specific book in a series? If that info is not in the PAC, try these sites:

Fantastic Fiction

KDL (Kent District Library) What's Next

Here are some things I learned at the 2015 SRP Kickoff sno cone stand:

  • Everybody likes a free sno cone!

  • The hotter it is, the more people like free sno cones.

  • If one flavor is good, three are better.

  • Many parents use the sno cone stand transaction to teach good manners.

  • If you have a blue raspberry goatee, you have had more than enough sno cones.

Vicki Niehaus
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IT Services

Busy busy busy!!!

Windows has announced the big date, July 29th, when Windows 10 will start rolling out. There is no Windows 9 because of coding problems with all the Windows 95 and such, that would interfere (too many 9's), that is why it was skipped (in case you really wanted to know). But if you have Windows 7 or 8.1 on a home computer, you may see the Windows home key picture show up on the bottom right hand side of your screen, that means you are eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade and can preregister for the download the day it comes out. Yes, it will be downloaded to your computer, but you will still get to pick when you want to install the program. You will have one year to take advantage of the free upgrade, so no you don't have to upgrade right away if you want to wait a bit that is fine.

Thank you to VickI N. for helping me figure out the most joyful of the weird Wednesday things. It was an awesome surprise, and at a great time for me.

Trisha (the introverted IT Dept)