Curriculum Updates and Celebrations

Mid-Year Assessments

Friendly reminder... Once you have Istation information for students in your class, you will need to complete a face-to-face DRA on students that score in the TIER 2 and TIER 3 category. Any student that is involved in LLI, new to our campus or in the SST process will also need to have a current face- to- face DRA. All students data will need to be reported in AWARE by Jan 30th. Please let me know if I can support you in any way as you analyze and assess student's progress.

Kinder and First- TEMI Window

Please make sure to administer and record all student data in AWARE by Jan. 30th.

McSpedden Students Working in Partnerships

Students in all grades are encouraged to use partnership menus and structures to support student growth in the areas of Reading and Writing. Many of you across campus have been working on establishing this routine in your classrooms. Check out the video provided of quick interviews of 5th grade students and their feedback about partnerships in class! Thank you Mr. Lambert for allowing us to learn from your students.

Teachers, if you have others ways that students are using partnerships in class please let me know... I would love to showcase other benefits and structures in upcoming newsletters.

5th Graders Discuss Partnerships

McSpedden's Math Night

I want to thank each of you for your involvement in Math Night . Parents walked away from the event gaining a better understanding of state standards, FISD's approach on teaching mathematics, parts to the math workshop and tools that support them as they are working with their students at home. Students were all smiles while they too enjoyed the night being extended with concepts that they had interest in. We appreciate ALL of you and the role you played!

As a team, please continue to share with parents links to the Parent Cluster Letter as well as the Digger Deeper link. (The more we promote what is available on the HUB the more clarity parents will have) These two resources will help answer questions that parents have about strategies, goals and the focus for the cluster and standards.

If you and your team have not read over these two links as part of your planning, they may help you as you are pre-planning instruction and give clarity about TEKS and communication parents receive.

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POD 3 Students using Technology for Extension at Math Night

A big thank you to Janet and Lisa for working on extension activities for our students to do as their parents were learning about Math Instruction. At one point, I even heard CHEERS coming from POD 3. Thanks to POD 3 teachers that facilitated student learning, answered questions and guided students to understand the concepts and material.

Celebration: Guided Reading Library

With money from our campus FEF Grant as well as Boosterthon collection funds we were able to place a large order to add to our Guided Reading Library. We received our first shipment on Friday, 60 new titles have now been added to the system for students to begin enjoying. As always, thank you so much for your patience as we are working to build our resources. Please continue to provide feedback on the needs that you are seeing as you are working with the students during small group instruction time.