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All About Me - Persephone

My Interview With Persephone

Persephone Interview

Jenna: Hi Persephone!

Persephone: Hi Jenna!

Jenna: Were you scared when you got kidnapped by your uncle, Hades?

Persephone: Yes! Because the ground opened out of no where and he took me on his chariot down into the underworld.

Jenna: How long are you down there for?

Persephone: I'm down there for six months (winter).

Jenna: Why are you down there?

Persephone: Because when Hades took me down to the underworld I ate 6 pomegranate seeds so I have to go down there for 6 months!

Jenna: Do you miss your mom Demeter?

Persephone: Yes! How does the earth look?

Jenna: It is dry and cold. When do u come back?

Persephone: In 6 months when it becomes spring.

Jenna: What are you the goddess of?

Persephone: Well, I'm the goddess of the underworld but I'm also the goddess of spring growth. Does my mom worry about me?

Jenna: Yes, she is really worried about you and misses u very much!

Persephone: Oh good I miss her too!

Jenna: How is Hades related to you?

Persephone: My mom's brother and my uncle.

Jenna: Goodbye Persephone!

Persephone: Goodbye!

Comparing Persephone And Taylor Swift.


She’s the goddess of spring growth.

She gets kidnapped for 6 months.

She was born on Mt. Olympus.

She has straight brown hair.

She’s an only child.

Taylor Swift and Persephone:

Both are famous.

Both have blue eyes.

Both are teenagers.

Both are very pretty.

Both have fathers.

Taylor Swift:

She’s a singer

She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania.

She has curly blonde hair.

She has a younger brother.

Taylor Swift is like Persephone’s Dad. (Zeus)