Mrs. Moulton Dual Language Class

Weekly Newsletter Jan 19

Important Dates


Jan 21-- Reading CBA-- Cultural Attire Day! Students may wear their cultural attire.

Jan 29-30th UIL

This is what we are learning

Social Studies

We will start to study this week how some important historical figures such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. We will study their contributions to the nation and we will compare and contrast both.


We will also get ready for our Reading CBA which is on the 21st and students will be able to apply a reading strategy that I call RUNSRAP in which students read the text and answers questions concerning their reading and show me evidence for their answers in the text. It will be review.

R read the title

U underline the title

N number the lines of paragraphs

S scan for bold words

R read twice the text

A answer the questions

P prove your answer!


This week we are working on writing facts about rocks and about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and we will compare and contrast both historical figures.


We will study how to represent a 3 digit number in several ways and review place value.We will continue to practice representing numbers in its expanded form, pictorial forma and standard form. We will also practice adding 10 more, subtracting 10 from any given number.


We are learning about soil and its attribute or properties. We will again compare and contrast soil samples and we will categorize soil samples according to its properties.

This Week we will have LA and Reading Spanish and Math and Science in English.

Think Central

Think Central is a math website that your child can access at home and practice math skills for 1st grade.

Here is the link for Think Central (math)

Think Central:

This is the info to log in:

username: student id #

password: first initial, last initial and birth date. For example John smith log in for Think Central would be

username: 123456

password: js2009

I believe you can retrieve your child's student id # from Teams Parent self serve. If you do not have it I can gladly provide your child's student id number.