Maxson's Class News

Baseball Unit Wrap-UP

Covered Topics

As our baseball unit comes to an end, I wanted to update you on the topics covered.

Sequencing-practiced through running bases

Following directions-playing a game on the real base ball fields

Vocabulary- We added 40 new words associated with baseball to our vocabulary.

Language Arts- We read a chapter book All About Baseball

Social Studies- We researched our favorite teams and created 3D baseballs with important facts written on them.

Science- We dissected a baseball. We hypothesized what the inside looked like then took it apart bit by bit. THERE ARE 108 stitches in a baseball! We learned how bats, gloves and balls were made. We did exploration station and used our senses to guess what was in the box.

Math-We played online baseball games, we graphed, we cooked ball park foods and sold them to teahers!

Social Skills- We went to a Texas Ranger Game!!!! We also greeted teachers as we delivered their ordered ball park treats.

We have had an AMAZING start to the school year.