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Count It All Joy James 1:2

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Welcome to Team JOY's First Team Newsletter!

What can I say??? CONVENTION, CONVENTION, CONVENTION!! Mere words cannot describe the fun we had this past weekend. Seriously girls, convention BLEW ME AWAY! Every detail was PERFECT! We laughed, we cried, we were inspired and motivated and I think all who attended walked away with a newfound commitment and inspiration to move forward with their businesses!! Wish you could have ALL been there! PLEASE make plans to be there next year!

If you haven't already watched the convention recap the Webinar in the back office, please do so. SO many great announcements and information for you including the date for next year's convention. Make plans to be there!

Couple of fun photos below!

Who Wants to Know About New Products??


So many new products were announced for Fall 2013!! I still haven't gotten my chin up off of the floor!! Origami Owl continues to amaze me. Their commitment to furthering our businesses with new customizable jewelry innovations is simply ASTOUNDING! Our product design team really has its finger on the pulse of upcoming trends as well as what YOU, our designers, have asked for!

As you can see above, we have a new team name...TEAM JOY! I have always used my favorite verse from scripture, Count It All Joy as my business name. We are part of the Shining Jewels Team under Kristine Stevens, but I have wanted to come up with my own team name for a long time. Team JOY seems to be appropriate. It stands for JOURNEY OUTSIDE YOURSELF. I have learned much from this business over the past year and a half and I know you have too. Mostly I have learned that it is not always about myself. In fact, most of the time it isn't. It is about building each of you up, it is about my customers and other designers I encounter every day, even those not on my team. I invite you to "Journey Outside Yourself" and discover the blessings of giving more than receiving. I promise that it will change your life!


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Paula and Hannah Weber, Director and Mother/Daughter Team

My daughter, Hannah Joy (14), and I were blessed to be recognized at convention as the 2013 Inspiring Mother/Daughter team. Hannah just joined the business about a month ago and already I have seen SO many positive and encouraging changes in our relationship and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow in her business and people skills. For those of you with daughters 14 -18 years of age, I highly encourage you to consider adding them to your business. It has been a blast!