Soraya Taylor & Emily Vance


we love watching kids and like to make it fun!

i will tell you about us, first off we love doing activities for kids and love making up activities we love watching kids some activities we like to do is some drive in movie cars for when were watching movies and maybe some sugar cookies and they can decorate them and we will play a round of hide in seek! i think me, Emily and Soraya will be the best for your kid! i hope you can count on me,Emily and Soraya. we are planning on 25 dollars a day and if you only want your kid to go and hour or two we will charge 5 dollars an hour.we are very good and it will be a delight for you to help you out when you need it! this is me,Emily and Soraya and we are great for the job if you need us to babysit your child please call-740-537-1234