Graduation Bulletin Project

Mac Image Editing

The assignment:

You will be creating a senior commencement bulletin cover to be used for the event. You will need to follow the requirements that you have been given. You are taking on the role of a production artist that will need to meet deadlines for your client, Principal Rod Bohm. This will include:

  • researching,
  • developing sketches,
  • creating the artwork,
  • participating in critique.


Day one Research: Chap. 2 (Type) & creative brainstorming.

Day two generate compositional thumbnail sketches.

Day three share your progress & return to work on revisions.

Day four choose direction for artwork, and begin final document.

Day five continue studio work preparing to share draft in critique.

Day six [critique day] print hard copy for group critique.

Day seven final revisions.

Day eight print final hard copy to share with client.

Rubric and Folder Information

Out of 30 points total

Think about....

  • Layout

  • Type (font choices)

  • Color

  • Balance

  • Hierarchy

  • Unity Color

  • Collage

  • Digital Painting

  • Photography

  • Typography

  • Illustrations

Typography Website and Sources

- Great visuals on posters and graphic design - many art/design/tutorials to help

Chapter 2 (type)