Car racing-Computer game.


About the game...

This game name is Car-racing.

It was made in Israel by Tal Karas.

Game description.

This game is about different cars who need to get in 1st place and to win in the race.

There are many levels and in each level you get a new better car ,that help's you to win in the race.Each race you get one speed power that make's you faster for 5 seconds,to win you need to know when to use it and to drive good.

Some of the game cars.

Why should you buy this game.

You should buy this game beacuse this reasons:

*It's a realy fun game.

*It's realy cheap game.

*You can play with your friends to.

More description...

This game is for ages 6+ and its not violent.

It only cost 3$ ,so its realy cheap.