Knowledge of Roman Society

Roman Citizenship, Laws, Justice, and Punishment - By Mr. H

Your Task

Use your notes from the previous class about Roman Citizenship, Law, and Justice to create a visual presentation.

Find pictures, use your skills of paraphrasing, and your creativity to present the information we learned about in a new medium!

You may work with your table partner and split up the work - one partner works on Citizenship and Law, the other works on Justice and Punishment

Make sure to have your partners' names on the presentation.

Add Different Sections

Have one section each to describe a part of Roman society - citizenship, law, justice, and punishment


About 45 minutes in class to work on it, then complete on your own time!

Submit to Canvas

When completed, share it by creating a link - the chain icon. This will give you a web link.

Copy this web link onto a Notability sheet.

Under the "Assignments" tab, submit the Notability sheet with the web link to the assignment "Roman Citizenship Smore Presentation".