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George- How I saw it

Lennie was in the corner of the wall, minding his own business when Curley came in the barn, raging about some stupid thing that happened. It was when he was really mad when the workers around him started to make chicken noises at him. Lennie found that amusing and started laughing at that. Curley was furious by that point and was challenging Lennie to fight him. Lennie was staring and then Curley started swinging. I was watching Lennie breaking down as Curley kept hammering on at Lennie. I wanted to see his reaction, but when he didn't do anything, I immediately told him to fight back. After taking about another punch, the next one coming, Lennie caught Curley's hand before it could hit his face again. I feel Lennie did this from self-defense, fear, and obedience to me. I was happy for Lennie to stand up for himself, with my "encouragement". Lennie has a mental disability, which requires someone to take care of him. So when Curley was throwing punches at him, he did not know how to react. I, after many years with Lennie, figured out how he acts from what I have seen, so that is why I waited before telling him to fight back. I feel Lennie has a decision in his mind, but is skeptical to use it as an action because he is scared he might be wrong. I love Lennie and I know he will always be in my heart since he is the closest person that anyone will ever be to me.

Curley- How I saw it

It was a hot sweaty day and i was just looking for my wife and i went in the workers place to look. And then all the people laughing thought they were laughing at me so i just said shut up. But that goddamn lennie kept laughing so i just gave him a slight punch and then everybody was like get him lennie get him. I was just keeping my own business doing my own stuff and everybody wants a fight. I tried to keep away but they just pushed me to him trapping me with him. I put my hands because I don't wanna get punched I don't wanna fight him.But the goddamn workers still kept pushing me into him He looked really dangerous so I dint wanna mess with him I am a really nice person so I kept backing up. And then he comes on me and that goddamn lennie grabbed my hand an started squeezing it as hard as he could an it hurt ed a lot he was really smashing my hands with his hands grabbing and pulling and the guys kept yelling get him good. So I decided to claw his face because i really couldn't pull myself out of his death stone grip and also threw a couple of punches to his face so he could get distracted an I could pull away. But it didn't work. Finally the guys started helping me pulling my hand away from lennie and taking lennie down and pushing him back so he couldn't hurt me no more and my hand hurt a lot and it was broken. Then they took me to the doctor an told me to stay away from lennie. It was his goddamn fault my hand broke.

Dear Boss

We have some problems about working at your ranch First we don't get enough money second we don't get good food and last but not least he housing and beds hardly meet our needs for a good sleep. So this is why we want better conditions or we will leave the ranch.

1. We don't get enough money. We work our butts off but hardly get anything from it. When the paycheck comes all we find is 50 bucks for a month of working. That's not enough for all we work for we at least need a 100 bucks for working a month. We also got to buy something for our selves so we need the money.

2. The food is completely horrible its like a weird gruel we found cockroaches an bugs of all kind in that food we get sick and you yell at us because we aren't working but because of that food we ate. The drink is even worse when we drink it it gives us gut aches and we cant work. So why cant you give us real food like meat fish bread and a good drink like ginger ale.

3. The beds are bad too they are filled with bugs and cockroaches that bite us in the night we even found a lizard's nest in the pillow once it bites and when we wake up our back itches and hurts. Also its so bumpy that our back gets twisted and bends and we can't work good because of that. We are just asking for a nice plain mattress.

Thank You Yours Truly

The Workers

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House for selling

Get a brand new house a perfect house

Rabbits,chickens,cows what else you need

Has a alfalfa patch

Ground mills,barn

House Kitchen also with a chimney

Stables and garden patches

also comes with tools for farming and gardening

250 acres of good farming land

Get it now while its cheap the offer wont last

550 dollars and its all yours also a SUPRISE gift

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