Propaganda Posters WWI and Now..

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Glittering Generality- Simple catch phrase to pull you in.

Targeted Audience- People in US.

Terms of citizenship- Ration your food, and don't waste so our soldiers can eat at war protecting you.

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Testimonial- Appeal to people by respected people

Targeted Audience- Young Men

Terms of Citizenship- Young men shouldn't wait for the draft to go into the Army, they should enlist now.

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Name Calling- Put bad light on enemy or idea

Targeted Audience- Allies

Terms of citizens- Stop the Germans from harming us and fight for the Country.

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Transfer- Give government the money for war

Targeted Audience- Citizens

Terms of Citizenship- Buy bonds so we can support the war we are in and get money back later.

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Bandwagoning- Do what everybody is doing

Targeted Audience- Americans

Terms of Citizenship- Join the army, and help your country.