The Hero

Andrew Jackson

The Hero

He is a hero, because he sought out the problems of the United States and fixed them. He was for the " common people", not for the elites; and also was a war hero. He looked for the good of the nation rather than a small group of people, he even gave jobs to the needed.

Battle of New Orleans

The crushing victory of the Battle of New Orleans 1812 made Andrew Jackson a war hero; the battle was almost completely one sided. He commanded his men to make a stand to what they believe in, and help him destroy the incoming invading British soldiers.

"The Common Man"

Andrew Jackson was born to a working class immigrant, he didn't grow up as an "elite" (the upper-class/richer class). Andrew Jackson was like any other man hinting his title, "the common man", he knows what the "people" been through, and he is no different from any other man.

Wealth & Land from the "Trails of Tears"

The "Trail of Tears" gave the people of Florida and Georgia land and gold. It also gave the people land to grow cotton which helps provide agriculture to the "people". Cotton is a major "cash" crop that brings wealth to the U.S. and also to the "people". Alongside that, he showed his worthy powers.

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Political Cartoon Explanation

Andrew Jackson was born as a "common man", and was for the "common people". He did not like the national bank, because he thought it was more for the elites and upper-class. He soon shut down the national bank and set up the state banks for the "common people" in which split the currency around. In the political cartoon it shows the heroic Andrew Jackson taking down the national bank for the "common people".