5th Grade News

December 18, 2015

Marvelous Math

This week in math we have been very busy. Ask the kids about their dear Aunt Sally! We have been mostly working on the order of operations. We learned a saying......(ask your child) to help us remember how to approach a multi-step equation. We have been solving problems for a few days now. Most of the kids are enjoying this challenge. I am having them write out the problems as they go, solving and re-writing step by step. We have been playing games while approaching these problems. Next week we will work on area, volume and decimals while shopping. We have some fun activities that go with all of these concepts!!

Spectacular Science

This week we have been reviewing vocabulary and responding to our saturation projects from last week. We have also learned how our body deals with mixtures of nitrogen and oxygen in our blood when we are going up high or down low. Our bodies can self adjust to the pressure or lack of pressure, if given enough time while doing so. If not, this can result in sickness or paralysis. Ask your child what they remember. Now we have started learning about concentration. Please show your child mixtures that you have around the house that are concentrated versus diluted. (soup, chemicals, etc.) We have some fun tasty experiments to help learn about concentration and taste buds. We are half way through the mixtures and solutions unit. Students should be getting on Quizlet and practicing their vocabulary words so they are fluent with the words and can use the words and their meanings in written responses as needed.

24 Game Challenge

Students that are in Energy groups have been invited to practice 24 Game cards once a week for a 24 Game challenge later in the year with W.C.P.S.

Important Reminders

* Outdoor School - Parent Chaperone info was given on past letters if you are interested in joining us...please find on FB or email.

* We only have 15 school days left in the marking period!

* Grade sheets sent home today for parent/guardian signature

* Extra credit available in math & science - sent home previously