Don't Break My Heart!

Cardiovascular Disease Risks Poster Assignment - 20 points

The Task:

You have been asked to create a small poster aimed at college level students regarding the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

You must include:

  • indicate 3 non-modifiable risk factors
  • indicate 3 modifiable risk factors
  • include an explanation of the effects of CVD on a college aged person
  • highlight the role of personal choices on a person's risk factors

The Scoring Guide!

  • Visual Appeal : 5 points (include graphics, easy to read, attracts attention, no typos)
  • 3 non-modifiable risk factors : 3 points (one point for each)
  • 3 modifiable risk factors: 3 points (one point for each)
  • Explanation: 4 points (excellent explanation of the effects of CVD on a college aged person)
  • Choice: 5 points (Indicated the importance of personal choices students can make to avoid cardiovascular disease and the impact this has on an individual's health

Share your poster with your instructor!

  1. Click on the shareable link
  2. Copy the link
  3. Log into Blackboard
  4. Click on the Chapter 6 assignment submission link
  5. Copy and paste your link into the Google document