Long- handled Steel Scoop Shovel

Kerry Kelly

Who Invented it?

This specific tool did not have a primary inventor, but there was a man who created tools like it. Pipkin Royace H. invented the wheeled shovel, a shovel that made work easier by pushing it, the wheel shovel was an invention used up to the modern day, but did inspire large construction trucks, such as a back hoe, and bucket truck.

How was it used

The long handled steel shovel is used to scoop and scrape surfaces clean of debris and dirt or even snow, leaving a clean flat surface. This shovel has other different versions, and they are used for transplanting trees, digging ditches, and used to bury our dead way back when, before the invention of the back hoe which was inspired by this very shovel.

A tool build for the hardest conditions

why do we use it?

The real question should be what would happen if we didn't use it? 7.4 million people in the world have at least held this tool, but we all usually have the same question. why?. When the tool was invented it was used by farmers and ranchers to scoop menuer and flatten land for crops, but in today's world we use the tool for some of the same uses but as well as different conditions, such as snow, sand, and to scoop coals from fire.

shovels unite

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