JEPS Tech News 22

Term 1, 2018

Must haves for Beginning Teachers

Some go-to sites for beginning teachers to assist with the understanding and implementation of the new DEC NSW Syllabuses. Sites include units of work for all students K-6 in all KLAs. The sites are updated regularly and notifications of updates can be found on Facebook pages dedicated to sharing resources for all teachers.

NESA Syllabus documents

All in the one place
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Snapshot - 21st Century Learning

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A site curated by the talented Shellie Tancred and many other teachers generous with their sharing of the resources they create for their students and schools. All KLAs are included as well as iPad, G Suite and Web 2.0 resources.

on Butterfly Wings - English and more

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A site curated by the amazing Steph Westwood - classroom teacher extraordinaire - displaying much of her own work as well as the work of other dedicated teachers. Includes teaching resources for the NSW Curriculum - units of work, scope and sequences, explanations of concepts and new curriculum content for English, Science, History and Geography.

on Butterfly Wings - Maths

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Another incredible Steph Westwood and others site with all the above resources for Maths.
Includes groups for English and more, Maths, Technology, Writing Inspirations and All Things Googly (G Suite)

Get Smart

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A site created and maintained by the technology guru, Glenys Goffat. Resources include interactive activities for all KLAs to engage students in all aspects of the new Australian curriculum and NSW syllabuses.

Get Educreative

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Another Glenys Goffat site with lots of wonderful ways of using various apps and programs in the classroom.

Jannali East Links / JEPS Library

Check out Jannali East Links and JEPS Library for these resources and more. They have been added to the Jannali East Links sidebar under Resource Blogs and English and Maths pages of both sites.

Remember: Jannali East Links is for the staff for lesson planning and information and JEPS Library is for the students and community.

Please let me know if there are other links you would like added to either of these sites.