The Gladiators Of Rome!

Admission 20.00$

This Sunday, See Gladiator on Gladiator Combat!

Come to the Colosseum to watch Two men Fight it out for their Freedom! (although they won't get it). Come watch the nerve racking fight between two criminals!

The Gladiators life!

Before you could go and fight in the Colosseum they had to get through the Harsh And Strict Gladiator school! New recruits were called novices joined the gladiator school he was assessed by the lanista, a doctor, and a trainer.

Garented to make you Thank your gods Your Romen

How Do I Become a Gladiator?

It's easy! all you have to do is 1. fight Rome in a war and lose or 2. commit a crime and get convicted.

The Coloessem

A 270,000 Seat giant stone constrution