WANTED: The Perfect Samurai

By: Samantha Schermerhorn

Qualifications/ How To Behave

1. Must know Bushido and live by it.

2. Must know a decent amount of Samurai culture, we aren't looking for just anyone.

3.Must be good with weapons such as swords, bows, spears, etc. Most importantly, the sword.

4. Last but definitely not least, Be noble. Stand true to your values.

Remember as Samurai's we protect each other even if it means risking ourselves. Don't get yourself into something you cannot handle. You must protect your daimyo(me) before you protect yourself.


1. Protect your daimyo, put me before anyone else in the group.

2.Hold your honesty and stay loyal always.

3.Obey those who are ranked above you, mostly me.

4.Fight until you win. Keep your dignity.

5. Never get abducted by any other samurai, if worse comes to worse take yourself out before they can.

Education Requirements

1. Must have completed Samurai school, and have attended from a young age.

2.Must know the way of the Samurai, must have learned it in school.

3.Previous education IS required, no exceptions.


1. Any and all types of swords.

2. That's the most important, and the only required weapon that you must know how to use.


I, the Daiymo, will be paying you in koku.

Depending on your performance, you will get paid a decent rate.

If you fail to impress, your pay rate will decrease slightly until you get your act together,

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1. ALWAYS follow the Bushido code, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. ALWAYS obey your leader, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Honesty and Loyalty are most important and you must be both to be my samurai.


We only want the best samurai. If you do not fit any of the qualifications above, don't even consider applying. We don't want you. No exceptions to any of the rules above, although the pay rate is subject to change due to discussion.

Schermerhorn Daiymo

Be our Samurai today!