Act 5

By Ben, Justin, Jason, Jermaine

Discussion Questions

If Liza knew it was an experiment why did she expect them to treat her differently at the end?

Why did Mrs. Higgins hide Liza from Mr. Higgins?

Why isn't Higgins capable of change?

Character Analysis

Mr. Doolittle

  1. Rich

“ ... Cheese and make three thousand a year”


  1. Concerned

“Frightened her! Nonsense! She was left last night, as usual, to turn out the lights and all that; and instead of going to bed she changed her clothes and went right off” (Shaw 55)


  1. Mature

“Don’t sneer at me. It’s mean to sneer at me” (Shaw 68).


  1. Helpful

“Your calling me Miss Doolittle that day when I first came to Wimpole Street. That was the beginning of self-respect for me” (Shaw 63).


Important Quotes

Higgins: But I cant find anything. I don't know what appointments I've got...

This quote is important because it show how much he need Eliza there and he don't know what do without her.

Higgins: The question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you ever heard me treat anyone else better.

This quote is important because he thinks if he treat everyone the same they cant get mad because he don't treat no one better than any one else.