Mr. Ebeling's Updates

Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

October 25, 2013

October Madness

THANK YOU for keeping learning in the forefront even in the midst of CHANGE. I appreciate the fact that you keep things in perspective and try to see the positive in each situation. My goal is to continue to be transparent with every aspect of building and district happenings. I may overlook or underlook (not an actual word, but it makes sense to me) something along the way, but I will continue to reflect, listen and adjust as necessary. Please contact me sooner than later with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Keep on Sailing and Keep on Smiling!


Cell Phone: (920) 819-8416

Bay Harbor Theme


Based on your feedback, All Hands on Deck is our battle cry! I really like this and it holds very true! As we all know, it takes a Village to Raise a Child! This is why we will need to have All Hands on Deck as we navigate through the many changes in education and behaviors.

Educator Effectiveness Next Steps

The next step in the EE process is the Student Surveys. Utilize the Educator Effectiveness Schoology course for more information and survey examples. I have been using this site and it has been very helpful in solidifying understanding.

Student/Client Surveys
The purpose of the survey is to collect information that will help teachers and educational
specialists reflect on their practice (i.e., for formative evaluation); in other words, to provide
feedback directly to teachers and educational specialists for growth and development.

Steps to completing Student/Client Surveys:

1. Locate a survey template that fits your needs that can be found in the Student/Client folder of this course. Feel free to add questions as needed. Distribute your surveys to your students/clients either paper pencil or electronically.

2. Analyze the results of your surveys

3. Complete the Student Survey/Client Growth Plan by accessing MyLearningPlan OASYS and clicking on the form

4. Reflect on your surveys through the prompted questions on the Growth Plan.

5. Submit your Growth Plan by November 8th to your administrator


6. Distribute a second survey to the same students/clients

7. Analyze the surveys

8. Complete the Student/Client Survey Analysis Form in by accessing MyLearningPlan OASYS and clicking on the form by Feb. 15th

9. Submit the Student/Client Survey to your administrator

Classroom Observations and beyond

I will begin doing informal classroom observations as well as Formal classroom observations using the forms in My Learning Plan as part of Educator Effectiveness. This process will be no different than what I normally did as a supervisor over the last three years. The forms I will use will be "pushed" on to your learning plan site for you to see in advance. They are very basic forms and based on the "Strong" six teaching standards which are very closely related to the Danielson model that we previously used.

Lockdown Updates

Excellent Job on the recent "Low Level" Lockdown. After each drill or incident it is imperative to reflect and ensure all processes and procedures are in place and understood. Below you will find some helpful reminders!

Low Level

There will always be an announcement given during a low level lockdown to let you know what type of low level lock down this is and what to do. Example:

  1. Issue going on in the community- Low level lockdown. Students move freely about the building. No students go outside and any students outside will come in.
  2. Medical emergency- Low level lockdown. Classes will resume as normal but no one is to be in the hallways or leave classroom until an announcement is made ending the lockdown.

High Level

An announcement will be made. All doors (hallways, classrooms) will be locked. Lights off, students and staff hidden and quiet. Teachers should keep a phone handy for updates (we will work towards signing up for a remind 101). No movement until an announcement is made to alert you that the, "Situation is stable! Remain in lockdown until your classroom is cleared by administration or police/fire. Please put your red or green chart under your door to let us know your classroom status (Green: all kids here and good. Red: distress (missing student or injured)).

Example: Safety issue or threat in the building or related to building. Lockdown announcement made, authorities notified, follow high level lockdown process, make decisions based on situation (Do what you have to do).


We cannot prevent every situation from occurring. IT is best to visualize and think through possible scenarios so that if an issue arises, your instincts kick in and you make decisions easier under the stress of the situation.

NEW TLC Website

The direct link to the site is The teacher resource site is password protected and is exclusive for teaching staff- Password: hssdtlc.

I am very impressed with the level of information and organization of this site. Please bookmark and utilize this for information on: 21st Century Skills, Curriculum guides, Assessment, etc.

Sailor Behavior Expectations- Updates and Reminders

Golden Tickets-

Thank you all for getting these out and celebrating classes who are following expected behaviors. Please continue to incentivize your class anyway you see fit as they receive a ticket.

Sailor Pride Cards!!!

Supervisors and all Special area teachers have packets of WHITE positive behavior cards to hand out to individual students who are showing exceptional leadership and behaviors. A student who is given this card should present it to the teacher and CLIP UP ONE spot. As the year progresses, we will do more with these cards.

The opposite of these cards are Negative behavior stickers to let you know that the student has made some poor choices above and beyond the norm. IF given a negative sticker, the student should CLIP DOWN TWO SPOTS.

Please continue to review expectations as needed! The students are doing GREAT and it is because of the time you take. I expect slide back to happen, so when that time does arise, we will refocus on the basic expectations.

SRT Process

The SRT sign-up form is housed on the staff website.


Password: #sailorpride

There comes times where you feel you need more assistance and support with a student or student(s). When you feel that your tricks and treats are not working, and that there may be more going on with this struggling learner, than SRT is for you. Below you will find a direct link to the sign-up form. Please continue to support each other as well as utilize all supports in our school.

Click Here to view the document or to sign-up. Once a form is submitted, you will be sent an invitation to the first SRT opening.

Giving Tree Partnership

The partnership Bay Harbor has with The Giving Tree is a special one and the only like it in the district. Without the help from donations and the 4th graders work at the location, it wouldn't be possible to support the families in need! As a school we are going to further embrace this partnership and take service ownership in each grade level. We will use our November 4th assembly to educate the students about the Giving Tree. We are in conversations regarding the different needs of the Giving Tree and from that we will (as a school community) decide what role each grade level will take in its success. This is exciting and ties in directly with our district motto: Serving-Learning-Achieving---TOGETHER!

For more information please use the link below.

It's Hard to know if you don't know you know?

CLICK HERE to document things you would like to know more about. I will keep this as a standing item on my newsletter. From your feedback, I will either meet with you individually, as a team, or get information to the entire staff depending on the common themes. As always, PLEASE feel free to contact me directly as well.